West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 26 - March/April 1982

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First the GOOD NEWS - GORDON APPLEBY is home again after having a second operation on his hip. The doctors are insisting on a very slow and cautious programme of rehabilitation so it's going to be quite a while before we enjoy Gordon's company on a bike again but he is home and progressing.

Now the BAD NEWS - Russ MANTLE was cut-up by a non-stop motorist in Farnham. Poor old Russ sustained broken ribs, a punctured lung, a damaged shoulder and a cut to his head requiring six stitches. A bit ironic after his ride through the blizzard when he could so easily have come to grief. At the time of writing he is in Ward 6 Cambridge Hospital in Aldershot Camp but by the time this is printed it is hoped he will be home.

How would you like a tandem as a gift? It is a double gents of 1938 vintage, leather saddles, Lucas dynamo, hasn't been ridden for 10 years so new tyres will probably be needed. The lady who owns it used to ride it with her late husband and wishes to donate it to a CTC member who will give it a good home and who will agree to "..take a blind colleague for rides when possible". If you are interested and will agree to the very worthwhile terms, contact me on Guildford 68202.

A new date for your diary - August 15th - West Surrey DA's TOUR OF THE HILLS - a 100km Reliability Ride run under Audax regulations with an Audax Grimpeur badge available. Over 5000ft of climbing - 13 major climbs - no climb repeated - an attractive route mostly on Surrey lanes - 7hrs to do it in (Only 9mph) - accept a challenge and have a go! If you won't ride please offer your services as a marshall - contact Chris Jeggo (Aldershot 546472) or myself. This is a Benstead Cup event.

Another Audax event which counts towards the Benstead Cup - points can be gained from any two of the four reliability rides but why not ride all four - is that old favourite STONEHENGE AND BACK 200km on June 6th. Other Audax dates which may interest you: Ray Craig's 'Super Grimpeur' on July 18th and a choice of 50/100/200km starting from the Walton/Weybridge area on Aug 8th - more details as they become available.

YHA weekend at Salisbury over 27/28th March for the GENERAL and INTERMEDIATE. Mick Latimer the warden is a keen cyclist so you are sure of a warm welcome.

Are you new to cycletouring or do you have a friend who is just starting? The Intermediate will have SPECIAL SLOWER AND SHORTER RUNS on 4th & 18th April, as well as the normal ones.

Our astute Treasurer, George Alesbury, has transferred the DA funds to the London & South of England Building Society. With your help, but at no cost to yourself, the DA account can increase in value - it will earn an extra £1 for every DA member who opens a savings account (minimum £10) which remains with the Society for at least 6 months. Keith & Kath have special Depositors Forms which will ensure that the DA gets its bonus.

It's almost here again - the DA's most popular event - the 50-MILE RELIABILITY RIDE on April 25th. Certificates for completion in 3½/4/4½ & 5 hours. Start Mayford Green 9 to 9.30am - slower riders first. Scenic route through the springtime lanes of Surrey & Sussex.

Having recovered from the '50' you will have the DA BIRTHDAY TEA to look forward to in the afternoon at Addlestone. DON'T MISS THE TEA - it's special. If you are coming, please tell your Runs Leader so that we have an idea of numbers.

Hurried note from Chris Jeggo - if you wish to ride the Audax Reading-Salisbury-Reading 200km on March 14th or a 100km on the same day - which follows the Kennett and Thames valleys and goes into the Chilterns - contact him on Aldershot 546472.

Looking ahead to the HOME COUNTIES RALLY - in Essex 30th Apr to 3rd May. It is always a good event. Some of us are definitely going so come along. Ask for information and booking forms.

We have a Certificate left from last year's '100' for G W Clarke - does anybody know him?

Bicycles on Bridleways - as you should know, we have a legal right to use them, though we must give way to pedestrians and horse riders. From time to time cyclists are challenged on bridleways, if this should happen to you refer the mis-guided person to Chapter 41, Section 30 of the Countryside Act 1968 - it usually works wonders!

BENSTEAD CUP EVENTS diary - April 25th, 50 mile Reliability - May 9th, Roughstuff & Speedjudging - June 6th, 'Stonehenge' - July 4th, 100 mile Reliability - Aug 15th, 'Tour of the Hills - Oct 10th, Hillclimb & Freewheeling. It is hoped that the TOURIST TRIAL will be revived - no lesser MAP READING EXPERT than KEITH PARFITT is at work on it! Further information as available.


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