West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 25 - January/February 1982

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* Another year nearly gone, and what a way to go - frost, ice and a genuine blizzard.  All this after the summer rains.  Surely 1982 must bring something better but, being a pessimist, I have invested in a Greenspot Gortex jacket.  At £32 it is certainly good value as compared with other makes and it is WATERPROOF, DOES BREATHE and is warm and comfortable.
* Don't forget the CHRISTMAS MORNING APPETIZER RUN - meet your DA friends at Horsell Scout Hut for fun and refreshments.
* In the last Newsletter I wrote of a Holdsworthy narrow section HP tyre which after a year's intermittent riding was "still good for many miles".  It developed a large bulge on the very next ride and had to be hastily changed.  The failure seemed to have been caused by a cut so I never will know how many miles it could have lasted for.  It had done about 2000 miles at the time of its demise.
POTHOLES are definitely on the increase - it's not just your imagination - due to the cuts in road maintenance.  When you come across one you will do yourself and other cyclists a good turn if you report it to the LOCAL HIGHWAYS DEPARTMENT.  A phone call is the simplest and quickest method.  Usually they are very helpful and, unlike your dentist, their cavity filling is painless.
* An AERODYNAMIC TOURING BIKE based upon the new breed of racing machines?  Well why not?  We don't want any unecessary wind resistance any more than we want unnecessary weight.  Our present bicycles and accessories owe most of their technical excellence to the demands made for racing.  If such a bike does become available I'll bet that Gordon Appleby is the first DA member to aquire one, though goodness knows we really don't want him going any faster.
* DA CLUBNIGHTS - Guildford Rowing Club near the 'Jolly Farmer' - Jan 20th, Feb 17th, Mar 17th featuring a slide show by Pete Smith "Walking in the Pyrenees".  Talking of Slideshows there is another chance to see "JOHN WHATMORE'S ISRAEL" on Mar 6th at Horsell Scout Hut.
* Sunday December 13th, WHAT A BLIZZARD - Russ having been the only one of the original party to go to Telescombe Youth Hostel on the Saturday, returned on the Sunday and became the only DA member to get to tea - there must be a Cross Toast there for somebody's Dinner.
* I was looking at some old DA papers which provided details of past RELIABILITY RIDES.  The entry numbers as compared with recent years were a bit thin: 50 mile 1972 - 8, 1980 - 32; 100 mile 1972 - 6, 1981 - 26. Entries for the Hillclimb have increased from 13 to 19 and for the Freewheeling from 16 to 25.  It is very encouraging to take note of these improvements and allied with the DA Clubroom and other Social Events which we now run, they present a picture of an active and successful DA - well done all those who encourage, organise and participate.
* There is an interesting JOINT RUN on January 3rd to watch a CYCLO CROSS race on Puttenham Common between 10.00 and 11.30 am.  An interesting event to watch and it should provide some good photographs.
* A NOTE TO NEW RIDERS - PLEASE REMEMBER that when riding in a group you have responsibility for the safety of your companions, as they have responsibility for your safety.  Group riding can be very enjoyable but only if there is mutual trust.  When in a group you must avoid sudden changes of direction and braking because those alongside you and behind you will not be able to react quickly enough to avoid an accident.  Keep in line behind the rider in front and at a constant distance behind him.  A good Runs Leader will look ahead for potholes etc, steer gently round them and call out a warning to those behind.  Ride in a similar manner and pass on the warning.  You will find that Club Cyclists have their own expressions for warning their companions of hazards - learn them and use them.  Take a pride in your riding, it's worth it.
* Sorry about all that serious stuff, it's really not my style but it was in response to some anguished requests.
* Two DA Members back in this country recently: Ole Skaane from Norway and David Whittle, with Claudia of course, back from Germany.  What a pity that they couldn't be with us for Christmas.

A Happy Christmas and a snow free
New Year to you,

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