West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 32 - March/April 1983

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VETERANS' TRIENNIAL 100 MILE RELIABILITY RIDES 19th June 1983 - for men aged 45 and ladies 42 by 1st June this year.  Owing to another DA withdrawing, West Surrey has been asked to again organise one of the rides.  We did very well in 1980 so, though the notice is short, we should manage even better this time.  It is a very enjoyable event with much appreciation expressed by the riders for the efforts of those who organise and run it.  Arrangements for meal venues and catering are nearly complete.  The same route as 1980, starting and finishing at CTC HQ Godalming, is expected to be used.  Also, as previously, there will be a telephone at HQ manned, so that if trouble is experienced on the ride, help can be summoned - this will include a 'Sag Wagon' for serious mechanical failures or exhausted riders.  Please will YOU assist - we need leaders and assistant leaders (for groups of 10 riders), sweepers-up to follow the rides and lend a hand to anybody with mechanical trouble or who has dropped back from his group, and marshals for some important turns and to check riders at meal stops.  It is a very nice day out and the course (designed by Bill Inder) is very scenic - PLEASE GIVE A HAND - contact Anne McKenzie (Gfd 233828).

FROM OUR CRIME REPORTER - six people witnessed a robbery in which the thief escaped on a bicycle, but when asked for a description of the bicycle their answers seemed contradictory.  In fact it turned out that all of them had given three wrong answers though the correct answer to each question was supplied at least once.
Witness Frame Forks Mudguards Size
1 green white black 23"
2 yellow silver grey 21"
3 red black green 23"
4 black white not green 21"
5 green silver black 22"
6 yellow black grey 20"

A pint of beer for the first person to tell me the correct description of the 'Getaway Bicycle'.

Did you know that there is a range of hills in southern Ireland rejoicing under the name of Ballinaspic? - I make no further comment.

I recently fitted Scott Mathauser brake blocks to my Moulton as the braking in the wet with chromed rims left a lot to be desired (in spite of using Fibrax 269 blocks).  The Mathauser blocks have improved the braking tremendously in both the wet and the dry, in fact they saved me from a nasty crash only five days after fitting them, when a car swung straight across me as I was descending a hill.  I was able to brake much quicker than before and just, only just, managed to miss the back of the car.  I have yet to try the blocks on alloy rims on which they are also claimed to improve braking, particularly in the wet.  Pedal Pushers of Guildford will get them for you at about £2.50 for two pairs.  Don't buy them with shoes as they will cost £3 more.

That great favourite the '50 MILE RELIABILITY RIDE' will soon be round again, on Sunday 24th April.  PLEASE NOTE that the start is moved to outside the Scout Hut, Jacobs Well; this is to make up for the course having been discovered to be a little short.  We also intend to have a shorter ride, between 15 and 20 miles, for those who would like to join in the fun of the day; it will start at Jacobs Well (9am) and finish at Holmbury St Mary, as does the '50'.  In the afternoon there will be the special DA Birthday Tea at Addlestone.

February has proved a sad month for the DA with two of its oldest members - BERNARD REEVES and REG POLLARD - dying within three days of each other, Bernard on the 15th and Reg on the l8th.  They were close friends and enjoyed many tours together.  Reg never learnt to trust gears and consequently did all his riding on a single speed machine.  His method of tackling hills was to take them at a rush and if this failed he would walk; this made for rather erratic progress in hilly regions.  In recent years Reg was often to be seen alongside the Six Crossroads at Woking where he exchanged cheery waves with passing DA members and his many other friends.  Reg first rode with the DA in 1934.  It is almost sixty years since Bernard first rode with the local CTC members who were to form the West Surrey DA in 1928.  He was arguably the most colourful character in the DA, his home was a 'Gypsy Caravan' and he loved the countryside and all that grew and lived in it.  His hand-drawn postcards and descriptions of wildlife were a delight to his friends.  He had a charmingly casual approach to life which often resulted in total confusion amongst his companions on tour.  The tales concerning Bernard are numerous and, certainly in retrospect at least, very funny.

Looking ahead - the 'TOUR OF THE HILLS' will take place on SUNDAY 7TH AUGUST - PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGED DATE.  The route has been altered a little so as to finish at the cafe on top of Newlands Corner, which should be popular.  To make up for the missed miles and the lost pleasure of the last climb from Chilworth, it has been possible to bring in Tanhurst Lane (up Leith Hill), Holmbury Hill (from the East) and Horseblock Hollow - an undoubted improvement!

Coleman's Diary - Sunday 9th Jan: set out with the Intermediate; found the 'Mountain Storming' route and pace of Messrs Moss and Butler rather demanding (are they training for the 'Tour of the Hills' already?).  By good chance our path momentarily co-incided with that of the Wayfarers - immediately switched allegiance to that august body of men and one lady.  Enjoyed a most pleasurable lunch stop at Walliswood, entertained by many amusing anecdotes interspersed with technical wrangles which seldom touched upon any equipment made later than 1930.  The conversation moved on to the wearing of wrist watches, Bill Inder recalled asking Bernard Reeves - that great man of nature and non-wearer of wrist watches - if he could tell the time by the sun.  Bernard replied that he couldn't even see the numbers on it!  Incidentally, it was sad to see how poor George Alesbury is already being turned out of his home at every opportunity - he has only been retired a few weeks.  He was even seen to be taking down details of mid-week rides - it's all so unfair!

The HOME COUNTIES RALLY 30th April to 2nd May, is at Ampthill, Bedfordshire.  A bit far out, possibly, but Beds. DA have always supported the Rally and were very keen to stage this year's.  Anne McKenzie has booking forms.

DAVE BUTLER wishes to record in print his thanks to CHRIS JEGGO (he of the photographic memory) for leading the way round the National 400km ride last year.  As Dave says, it helps a lot if you don't have to keep referring to maps.

Some more CLUBNIGHT DATES for you - 16th March (Portugal - Jeannette), 13th April (Tandems - Harold) , 11th May (Beatle Drive - Dave and Helen).  They assure me that the latter has nothing to do with a certain German car.

A suggested use for tandems in winter by Simon Doughty.

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