West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 36 - November/December 1983

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D.A. Newsletter No.36

Saturday 26th November - WEST SURREY D.A. ANNUAL DINNER, PRIZE GIVING AND DANCE - A new venue this year: the Refectory, alongside Guildford Cathedral.  A new group to provide your music and all at the old price of £8.50.  Buy your tickets early for the high spot of the D.A.'s social calendar - tickets must be paid for no later than Sunday 20th Nov.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Sunday 6th November - St. Augustine's Church Hall, Addlestone.  Please give an hour of your time to support your committtee who give so many of their hours in running the D.A. for you.  Elect the officers and committee who you wish to represent you and let them know your requirements for the coming year.

Did you know that Keith Parfitt's right foot is thirstier than his left foot?  What other explanation can there be for him pouring all the contents of his tea cup into his right shoe?

The BENSTEAD CHALLENGE CUP COMPETITION provided a close finish, with the winner being decided during the last two events.  Early morning rain deterred the less hardy members and entries for the Hillclimb were down to eleven.  James Harper turned up on a fixed wheel hoping to beat last year's winner Graham Barnes, but the 'Flying Flea' did not appear.  James had to be content with just winning.  Russ Mantle was second with Dave Butler, then only 14 points behind him in the Benstead Cup, third.  I was fourth!!!  which just shows how many people stayed at home.  Dave was now some 24 points behind Russ and, assuming that the points which they gained from the Attendance Comp. would be similar, in order to emerge as overall winner he had to place well ahead of Russ in the Freewheeling.  Peter Brown finished as the winner with Russ second and Ken Bolingbroke third.  Where was Dave?  Back in ninth place, unable to find any way to compensate for the three stone which he has shed since he joined the D.A.

The EDWARDS ATTENDANCE CUP has a new and popular winner - "BIONIC BERT" BARTHOLOMEW.  His winning of the attendance competition is all the more remarkable as he has to come across from Molsey to join our rides - and return to Molsey at the end of the day of course.  Second is Graham Richardson and third Dave Butler.

The winner of the BENSTEAD CUP (for the third time!) is Russ Mantle with 613 points, second is Dave Butler with 540 points, third Harold Coleman 499 points.  Fifth and sixth places deserve special mention, as Bert is fifth (379 points) at the age of 72 yrs, and Philip Stone is sixth (353 points) at the age of 14 yrs - two very meritorious performances.

**** PHOTO COMPETITION **** the date is now Saturday 12th November - at Guildford Rowing Club.

Russ is arranging the D.A. CHRISTMAS TEA on Sunday l8th December - plenty of cakes, jellies and crackers.

Our D.A. team in the PARIS-BREST-PARIS, of Kevin, Simon and Ray, successfully completed the 1200km - Simon in 57½ hrs!  Well done all, especially Kevin who only turned to cycling seriously a year ago.

Les Moss is presenting slides of one of his FRENCH TOURS on a forthcoming Club night.  This should not be missed, as Les's tours are definitely different to everyone elses!

Woking has followed the popular trend and is now "twinned" with the Dutch town of AMSTELVEEN.  The local cycling club is a few kilometres to the south in UITHOORN and our Gillian is in contact with the Touring Secretary - Miss Karen Decker.  Hopefully some joint venture will ensue.

Like it or not the winter is coming in fast, with its long hours of darkness and indifferent daylight.  I know that the CONSPICUITY OF CYCLISTS is a much argued subject, but may I encourage all of you to wear clothing that is bright during the day, and some sort of reflective device at night.  It is alarming, the way a cyclist in green and grey (the old favourites) merges with the countryside, especially on dull days.  I sympathise with those who say that they don't intend to "dress up like a Christmas Tree", and that it's the motorists' responsibility to see you; but I want to stay alive, and I want my fellow D.A. members to stay alive also - surely common sense dictates that we make certain we are visible?

A small announcement - says he modestly - Judy and I are getting married on 3rd December, and we wish you all a Happy Christmas!

All this space to spare and I can't think of anything else to write - please help in the future by telling me of all forthcoming events and rides, interesting experiences, cycling information, funny happenings etc.


Stop Press  Home Counties Rally 1984
25th to 28th May * Rally ground - Woking Football Club * organisers - West Surrey D.A. * The D.A. will need the help of as many of its members as possible - please keep these dates clear.

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