West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 37 - January/February 1984

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On behalf of all the Committee may I wish all newsletter readers a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Scribing the newsletter is a difficult job especially when having to follow such an able person as Harold Coleman.  I dare say that he may be forced to return as Editor when my own efforts get too boring!

Well what news? Your committee met for the first time on December 9th and an important development was agreement to get the Intermediate Group back on its feet.  Runs will be shared by five leaders (but more volunteers welcome) and this move should ensure variety.  Those who feel like accompanying my rides on the 29th Jan. and 26th Feb should note the following points:
a. I dislike large towns, A roads and B roads in that order.
b. I enjoy small lanes with the odd track and ford for good measure (not too rough or muddy as I have to clean the family stable!).
c. Exploring may lead us to parts distant from Little Chefs and other catering facilities, i.e. carry your own lunch.  I can guarantee not to share mine.
Doubtless the other Intermediate Group leaders Gerry Cranshaw, Dave Butler, Les Moss and Keith Parfitt will all have their own habits and I will report on these in due course.  Better still why not try each of their rides and let me have a "confidential" report for the Newsletter.

MAP LIBRARY AND CLUB BOOKS.  As reflected in the discussion at the AGM your committee agreed to store the map library in Keith Parfitts loft until Arthur Negus could give us a decent valuation on it.  The DAs book collection is a different matter, several of the items now being collector's pieces and an interesting read to boot.  All can be borrowed for a reasonable period on payment of two pounds returnable deposit plus fee of lOp:

CTC Gazettes Bound Volumes 1949-55
Tips for Cyclists
The Romance of the CTC.
Tourist Atlas of the British Isles & Route Guide
Bartlets Bicycle Book
Wardlocks Guides - Malvern, South Wales, Bournemouth.
Can anyone form a pressure group to persuade John Whatmore to donate a signed copy of his latest opus to the club?

Annual Dinner.  As those who attended know, the Annual Dinner proved very successful at its new venue of the Guildford Cathedral Refectory.  Our Social Sec. Gillian would like to thank all those who paid so promptly for their tickets and greatly eased the organisation of the event.

NEW YEAR DATES.  Provisional dates for the following events have been agreed.  Note them in your diary now:
29th April 50 miles Reliability Ride.
6th May Speed Judging and Rough Stuff.
25-28th May Home Counties Rally.
17th June Presidents Birthday Tea (Abinger Common)
30th June Summer Barn Dance (Horsell Scout Hut)
1st July 100 mile Reliability Ride
5th August Tour of the Hills
1-2nd Sept. Guildford Town Show (A DA Stall will need volunteers for manning)
8th Sept. Scout Fete Onslow Village Rec. Ground (as above)
9th Sept. Tourist Trial
7th Oct. Hill Climb & Freewheel Comp.
20th Oct. Photographic Competition
4th Nov. AGM
24th Nov. Annual Dinner
16th Dec. Xmas Tea
Home Counties Rally.  Harold Coleman is the Master Mind organising this event.  For it to be successful he will need lots of volunteer helpers.  Please try and keep the dates clear and pass your name to Harold or any committee member if you're prepared to help.  Remember the more helpers we have the less each individual will have to do, so please volunteer even if you feel you can only spare 2 or 3 hours for a low level task.

I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year (Xmas is being spent riding around some of the smoother bits of W. Germany) and I hope to cheer up a Club Night in February with a slide show 'Islands in the Sun'.


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