West Surrey CTC Newsletter - March/April 1985

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My apologies for your last newsletter which had to be a rush job, I think you'll find more of interest in this one; for example:  Did you know that several Tour de France Stars appear to be winter training with the Generals, regular sprints, one being held for town signs, Kelly is currently in the lead but Hinault's form is returning as is Fignon's.  Little Miller is good on the hills but loses out in the sprints.  I will leave readers to guess who is masquerading in this group.

CLUBROOM.  Attendance is booming, the Xmas Social being very highly praised.  Thanks to Chris and Helen Juden for their Southern Spain slide show.  (Roughstuff at 10,000 ft Phew!).  Keep coming along (Guildford Rowing Club  2000 hrs) we've got other events planned.

13th March - Touring Corsica
Other Dates: 10th April, 8th May
HELP WANTED.  Will any member give up 4 evenings a year to sit on the Surrey Heath Road Safety Committee and represent cyclists views regarding training.  If you can help phone Bob Patmore on Farnborough 54223.

EVEN MORE HELP WANTED.  The Surrey DA must get its act together if we want to continue the Tour of the Hills.  If you can help marshal the event on the 4th August please volunteer now.  We need at least 16 people.

If you think you cycled furthest last year 'Bionic' Bert put in 14,050 miles with Russ Mantle managing 16,250 miles 601 yds 2 ft 2 in.  This latter on only two tyres but probably hundreds of inner tubes since his tyres always look worn out.

NIGHT RIDE.  Dave Butler will once again be organising a Night Ride on 8th June.  It will be suitable for everyone and somewhat unique, even for those who don't want a ride in the dark!  More details later.

DORSET COAST 200 km.  Dave Butler is organising a DA Team to compete in this hardriding event on 14th April.  Contact him if you can swell the numbers.

50 MILE EVENT.  This is the first counting ride for the DA Medal Scheme and starts at Jacobs Well on 28th April.  There will be an accompanying 25 mile ride to the finish at Holmbury St. Mary and riders in this will qualify for certificates (very suitable for beginners/families).

The explosion in Tongham on 30th Dec., last year was not due to Army tests but Clives rear tyre blowing itself to pieces!

EVENTS.  12th May - Speedjudging/Roughstuff. (Roughstuff is the 2nd medal counting event).  2nd June - Stonehenge and Back (or similar) DA Audax Ride.  15th June - Summer Ride/Presidents Tea.  7th July - 100 Mile Ride (3rd medal counting event).

SLIDE SHOW.  At Horsell Scout Hut on 2nd March.  Nevile Chanin on India and Sri Lanka.

LADIES WEEKEND.  Gillian Smith is organising this Getaway for the Ladies.  Venue somewhere on the Isle of Wight 21st April.  Contact Gillian on Woking 61294 if you want to join in (ladies only please!).

OBITUARY.  DA members will be sad to hear of the death of Archie Benstead on 8th January '85 aged 97.  His name lives on in the Benstead Cup.

SALES & WANTS.  To use this space phone me on Camberley 61770.

FREE.  One Watsonian Childs sidecar unit which needs restoration.  Contact K. Stewart, 17 High View Rd., Guildford Tel. 67119.

FOR SALE.  One Claud Butler Dalesman nearly new, contact Keith Parfitt for details.

WANTED.  One quality touring frame, 22½ or 23" must be 531 DB throughout.  Phone me on Camberley 61770.

HOME COUNTIES RALLY.  3rd - 6th May at Weston Turville.  Usual rides, Dinner, Barn Dance and Slide Show, details and entry forms from Chris Jeggo, Russ or Bill Inder and pray for better weather than last year.

MAY DAY RIDE.  6th May organised by Simon Doughty for CC Woking, contact Simon for details.

CHARITY RIDE.  16th June organised by the Surrey Advertiser, more details later.  Guildford area.

CYCLING JERSEYS.  Anyone wishing to purchase a Jersey in the club colours should contact Dave Butler AS SOON AS POSSIBLE on Guildford 810356.

MERIDEN WEEKEND.  Chris Jeggo (ably assisted by Keith Parfitt) will be leading a Hostel ride to the CTC AGM and cyclists weekend at Meriden.  The ride will leave the evening of Thursday 16th May and return Monday 20th May.  Chris plans to visit the Coventry cycle museum as well as attend the AGM.  Contact him on Chertsey 65765 if you want to take part.

Happy cycling

Reported as overheard at the Xmas Social "I used to think 700c was a bra size until I joined the West Surreys"!

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