2003 Photos of West Surrey CTC

In May Joe Perfecto, a cyclist from Sacramento, California, arrived in Woking as Geoff Smith's guest for a week or two.  Geoff wrote about this in his 'Riding Around' editorial column in the July 2003 magazine, which also contained an article by Joe about his experiences here.  Joe has been in touch by email recently;  here are a couple of his photos.
Geoff Smith and Bill Thompson
Geoff Smith and Bill Thompson.  Bill's bike is a single-fixed Bates with Lauterwasser handlebar and Resilion Cantilever front brake.
Club run to Hammer Bottom
Club run to the Prince of Wales, Hammer Bottom, 28th May 2003.  Doug Johnson, Rico Signore, Dane Maslen, ?, Geoff Smith, Ian McGregor, Joe Perfecto, Peter Clint, Peter Callaghan and Paul Holmes

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