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Chobham meet - 23 March 1975
Chobham meet - 23 March 1975
From L to R:  Chris Jeggo, David Wells, Clive Williamson, George Upton, John Harper, Gordon Appleby, Basil Vowler, John Coleman, Harold Coleman, Mark Smith (Bill Inder's grandson), Clement Collins, Keith Parfitt, unknown tall young person above unknown short young person, Denis Gray, Bill Inder, ?, Dave Bell, Nick Muir
Burrowhill - 23 March 1975
Burrowhill - 23 March 1975
From RIGHT to LEFT:  Bill Inder, John Harper, Clive Williamson, Chris Jeggo, George Upton, Basil Vowler, (1 hidden), Gordon Appleby, Clement Collins, (1 hidden), Dave Bell, Harold Coleman (hidden) & John Coleman on tandem, Keith Parfitt, (1 hidden), David Wells, (2 hidden).


WSDA At Capel-y-ffin Youth Hostel
At Capel-y-ffin youth Hostel - August bank holiday weekend 1981
From L to R:  Harold Coleman, Judy Chegwyn, Stuart Jackson in front of Tim Staton, Chris Jeggo, Hamish Smith, Russ Mantle, Graham Richardson and Roy Richardson
On the M25 - 17 March 1983
On the M25 before cars took it over - 17 March 1983
From L to R:  Dave Butler and Helen Gill, Roy Banks, Barry Anniss, David Pinkess, Geraldine Pinkess, Hamish Smith, ??? and ('Bionic') Bert Bartholomew
CTC W Surrey April 1983
General Section run, April 1983
From L to R:  Graham Richardson, Dave Butler, Tony Bond, Kevin Blackburn, Russ Mantle, Tim Staton, then Phil Stone above Hamish Smith (seated on ground), ('Bionic') Bert Bartholomew, Steve Pack and Clive Richardson
Photograph by Hamish Smith, provided by Phil Stone
Phil Stone, May 1983
Phil Stone, May 1983
Photograph by Hamish Smith, provided by Phil Stone
CTC W Surrey April 1984
General Section run to the 'Four Points', Aldworth, April 1984
From L to R, standing:  Dave Butler, Chris Juden (peering over sign), Steve Pack, Clive Richardson, ('Bionic') Bert Bartholomew, Phil Stone, Alan Holbrook, Tim Staton, Russ Mantle and Hugh Rawlinson
From L to R, seated:  Tony Bond, Roy Banks and Angela Staton
Photograph by Hamish Smith, provided by Phil Stone
Lake District, 1984
Youth Hostel tour of the Lake District, Easter 1984
From L to R:  Clive Richardson, Graham Richardson, Phil Stone, Russ Mantle, Dave Butler and Steve Pack
Photograph by Hamish Smith, provided by Phil Stone


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