2013 Photos of West Surrey CTC

Russ Mantle (76) and Barry Annis on tour, visiting Hamish Smith (81) at Alveston (north of Bristol) in June 2013.
Russ, Hamish and Barry
(L) Russ Mantle, mentioned in many places throughout this website, and getting close to 1,000,000 lifetime cycling miles.
(C) Hamish Smith, who first rode with with West Surrey in 1953 and was active from 1962 until British Aerospace transferred him from Weybridge to Filton. He used to return to Woking every April to ride our '50', but gave this up a few years ago, because "Surrey roads have too many potholes and too many cars these days." He is married to Gillian, the daughter of founder member Bill Inder.
(R) Barry Annis, who died of a brain tumour in July 2018.

Crossing Chichester Harbour using the ferry from Bosham to West Itchenor on 19th June 2013 - Dane Maslen's photos
Awaiting Itchenor ferry
Waiting for the Itchenor ferry - Laurie, William, Margaret & Nigel, Keith, Neil, Louise, ?, Barry and John
Bikes going aboard
The bikes going aboard one at a time
Boarding the Itchenor ferry
Boarding the Itchenor ferry
The ferry, West Itchenor
The ferry setting off for West Itchenor.  The crossing will take less time than loading!

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