West Surrey CTC   Runs List   May - June 1982

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CTC green letterhead

W E S T   S U R R E Y   D I S T R I C T   A S S O C I A T I O N

Hon. Sec;  Mrs. K. Parfitt, 24 Elmside, Onslow Village, Guildford 60776
Hon. Runs Sec;  R. Mantle, 68 Haig Road, Aldershot, Hants.  (Aldershot 28275)
Local enquiries to W. Inder, 33 High St., Horsell, Woking.  (Woking 72074)
or K. Parfitt, 24 Elmside, Onslow Village, Guildford  (Guildford 60776)

MEETING PLACES (Symbols):  CLG, Central Library, North St., Guildford.  CWM, Chobham War Memorial.
CHR, Clock House, Ripley.  PG, Pirbright Gn.  NXR, Normandy Cross Roads.  MG, Mayford Gn (Bird in Hand).
AS, Ash Stn.  FG, Frimley Gn.  BAB, Blue Anchor, Byfleet.  BXR, Brookwood Cross Roads.
MN, Mimbridge Nursery.  NIS, New Inn, Cartbridge, Send.
OTHER SYMBOLSLC, Little Chef;  HE, Happy Eater.
MAP REFERENCES relate to Barts. half-inch or metric series.


NOTE:  Destinations are suitable for both slower and faster riders with the Intermediate Section.
    G   General Section.      I   Intermediate Section.      W   Wayfarers Section.

G. May 2 Bryants Bottom 15.m.7 CWM 9.15 Burnham Beeches LC, Old Windsor
I. Hurley Lock (K. Parfitt) 9.c.6 CWM 9.15 LC, Old Windsor LC, Sunningdale
W. Dogmore End 9.c.2 CWM 9.   ?   ?
G/I/W May 9 Benstead Cup.  Meet CLG 9.15.  Speed-judging starts from the
'Pride of the Valley', Rushmoor, 11am (Ridgeway Farm circuit).
Lunch, Robin Hood', Stanford.
'Rough Stuff' starts on Bramshott Common, 2.30pm.
Wharf Cafe,
W. Stanford 9.q.5 MG 9. CLG 9.30 Wharf, Godalming
G/I/W May 12 Clubroom.  Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Road, Guildford, 7.30pm.
W May 15/16 Thursday-nighters' week-end on Isle of Wight.
G. May 16 Little Down 8.k.11 AS 9. Basingstoke LC, Heckfield
I. Isle of Wight (train assisted).  Book to D. Butler, Guildford 810356.
I/W The Haven 6.h.6 CHR 9.15 Gomshall Newlands Corner Cafe
G. May 23 Philliswood Down
(C. Richardson)
5.g.22 NXR 9. HE, Rake Hazelbrook,
Prestwick Lane,
I. Milland 5.d.23 NXR 9.15 LC, Milford
W. Oakhanger 9.q.4 PG 10. HE, Hogs Back
G. May 29/31 Y.H.A. week-end.  Cranborne & Litton Cheney, car assisted.  Book to R. Mantle.
I. May 30 Dipley 9.k.3 PG 9.30 LC, Bagshot HE, Hogs Back
W. Mapledurwell 9.m.2 BXR 10. Coleus, Nth Camp LC, York Town
G/I/W June 5 Boat trip & supper on River Wey.  Leave Leroy's boathouse 7pm.
£3 - Book to Mrs. G. Smith.  Clubroom opens at 9pm approx.
G/I/W June 6 Stonehenge 200km reliability ride.  Start 8am from The Heron P.H., Lower Farnham Road, Aldershot.
Finish and tea at The Heron P.H.
I. Selborne 9.r.3 CTC HQ 9.15 Tilford (carry 11's) Manor Cafe,
W. Lasham 9.o.2 FG 10. Farnborough
G/I/W June 9 Clubroom.  Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Road, Guildford, 7.30pm.
G. June 13 Smarts Hill (G. Richardson) 6.e.17 CHR 8.45 Capel Forge Tea Rms, Headley
I. Walliswood (D. Butler) 6.f.6 CHR 9.15 Headley Hillcrest, Seale Lane,
W. Loxwood 9.r.11 NIS 9.45 Gomshall
G. June 20 Bramber (picnic) 6.n.8 CLG 9. Petworth Evelyn Hall,
Abinger Common.
I. Lurgashall (B. Larke) 6.h.2 CLG 9.15 Haslemere
W. Lambs Green 9.q.16 CHR 10. Leatherhead
G. June 27 Bennett End (H. Smith) 15.m.5 CWM 9. Henley White Lodge Spastics
Centre, Holloway Hill,
G/I/W Sponsored tandem ride to Burnham Beeches.
Start (9.45) & finish at White Lodge.  Contact Mrs. G. Smith.

July 3.  WOKING WHIRL     July 4.  BENSTEAD CUP "100".

EVENING RUNS.     THURSDAYS.  Rendezvous at destinations from 8.30pm.
May 6  Lower Knaphill (Royal Oak)          June 3  Sutton Green
13  Wisley Lock (Anchor)  10  Donkey Town
20  Brimshot (Red Lion)  17  Send Marsh
27  Knowle Hill  24  Windlesham (Brickmakers Arms)
    July 1  Pyrford (Seven Stars)

Your C.T.C councillor is H. Coleman, 244 London Road, Burpham.  (Guildford 68202)

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