West Surrey CTC Runs List   October - December 1998

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EVENTS   October - December 1998

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There are varied rides on Sundays:  Hardriders, Intermediates and Wayfarers.  These are
mostly ALL DAY RIDES, but please join us for any part of the day.  New riders are always
welcome on all day or morning only rides.  If you are not already a member of the CTC we
hope you will soon join, after enjoying your rides with us.
H   HARDRIDERS    over 60 miles at a steady pace (14+ mph)
contact Clive Richardson 01428 724390
I   INTERMEDIATES 50 - 60 miles, moderate pace (12 - 14 mph), contact
Ken Bolingbroke 01483 728247 for more details
CW  CRANLEIGH & VILLAGESMorning and all day rides, contact
    WAYFARERS Trevor Strudwick 01483 272387 for details.
F   FARNHAM CRN 2nd Sunday of the month, 25-30 leisurely miles
  (Cyclists' Rights Network)contact Ken 01252 724433
GW   GUILDFORD & usually not more than 40 miles.  Contact Hilary Stephenson
WW   WOKING WAYFARERS Every Sunday, Woking Main Post Office 9:15.  Morning only
and all day rides.  Morning rides extended on request.
contact David Nightingale 01483 725674
A   AUDAX & DATC RIDES Travel to / ride with WSDA members on other DAs' events.
Not all planned trips shown.  Contact Roger 01483 233381
or email 100670.122@compuserve.com
MIDWEEK WAYFARERS all day ride every Wednesday.  Contact Harry Statham
01483 763289 or Les Houlton 01483 763816
J   WEST SURREY JUNIOR No rides planned for the moment.
This programme also at http://www.dlnonline.uk.com/westsurrey/
CHARLOTTEVILLE CYCLING CLUB   welcomes all DA members to their clubroom
on Friday evenings - The Waterside Centre, Stoughton, near The Rowbarge.
Contact Harold (01252 546635) for more details.
Abbreviations are as follows:  (map refs to OS 186 Landranger unless otherwise stated)
AS Ash Station 899508        GS Guildford Station 992496
BSR  Bramley Stn Rd Car Park 010451 HS  Haslemere Station 898329
CSC  Cranleigh Sports Centre   187/059388 LC Little Chef
CLG  Central Library, Guildford 998496 LRA  Littlewick Roundabout 985597
CTC  CTC HQ, Farncombe 978446 MG Mayford Green 996562
CWM  Chobham War Memorial 974618 MN Mimbridge, Nursery 991607
DH Dorking Halls   187/170497 PG Pirbright Green 945558
EG Elstead, The Green 906436 RPO  Ripley, Post Office   187/052568
FG Frimley Green 886567 SNI  Send, New Inn 017561
FM Farnham Maltings 841465 WCG  Westfield Cricket Ground 002562
FSC Farnham Sports Centre WM  Woking Main Post Office 004586
GC Garden Centre WS  Woking Station S side 006587

October 1998  MeetCoffeeLunchTea
04 Oct  H/I  PG 8:15Sleaford
Benstead Cup Event:  Tricyclathon:  Hillclimb, Freewheeling,
Pacejudging.  Meet at The Country Market, Sleaford 10:00 - 10:30
Details from Roger Philo or group leaders.LC Hogs Back
GW  CLG 9:15  Old Mill, FarnhamWhite Hart, Pirbright
(leader Peter Fennemore:  Towpath Tour)
WWWM 9:15Dunley Hill
11 OctHCTC 9:00  MidhurstRowlands CastleSelborne
(leader: Paul Holmes)
ICLG 9:15Smithbrook KilnsThe HavenClockhouse,
(leader: Rory)187/085305Abinger Hammer
FFM 9:30
WWWM 9:15Savill Garden
18 OctHFG 9:00  LashamWinchester30 Robin Hill Drive,
(leader: Pantani)Camberley
IFG 9:15Dinton PasturesMortimerMytchett Canal
(leader: Alan Holbrook)175/669643Centre
GWCTC 9:15  Countryways Experience  Cricketers, Wisborough Green
(leader Ken Nunn:  Country Lanes and Bridleways)
WWWM 9:15Old Mill, Farnham
25 OctAStevenage  Emitremmus (Summertime reversed)   10:00   Herts DA
HCTC 9:00Clockhouse Tearooms,Box HillNotcutts,
(leader Geoff Smith)  Abinger HammerCranleigh
IFG 9:15LC HeckfieldSilchesterRedfields,
(leader Harold)175/628622Ch. Crookham
WWWM 9:15Pantiles Nursery, Lyne
MIDWEEK WAYFARERS   (Weds)  Lunch venues will be chosen by the leaders on the day.
07 Oct  WCG 9:45Watts Gallery
14 Oct CWM 9:45Savill Garden (Midweek Wayfarers AGM)
21 Oct WS (time tba) train to Bentley  Country Market, Sleaford
21 Oct MG 9:45LC Hogs Back
28 Oct SNI 9:45Asters, Shere

November 1998  MeetCoffeeLunchTea
01 Nov  West Surrey District Association AGM
Pirbright Village Hall   10:00am
GW  CTC 9:15  Darnley's, HaslemereSun Inn, Dunsfold
(leader Chris Boggon:  November Sun)
08 NovHEG 9:00MidhurstRSPB Pulborough  Brook GC
(leader Geoff Smith)
I/CW  CLG 9:15  LC Hogs BackNorthchapelFarncombe
(leader Trevor)186/953294Boathouse
FFM 9:30
WWWM 9:15Badshot Lea GC
15 NovARother Valley CC 100km 09:00, 50km 10:00, Fernhurst Village Hall
Entries to Jeff Ellingham, 10 Station Road, Liphook. GU30 7DR
HCTC 9:00Old Cartlodge,HorshamHaslemere
(leader Don Jones)Dunley Hill
IFG 9:15The George,Stratfield SayePirbright Golf
(leader Bill)Odiham175/683617Club
GWCLG 9:15Countryways, AlfoldOakwoodhill
(leader Dave Bigmore:  Sussex Ride)
WWWM 9:15Asters, Shere
22 NovHEG 9:00Fishers Farm,Sutton Hillcrest Café,
(leader Clive)Newpound CommonHindhead
IAS 9:15Frensham GCSelborneLC Hogs Back
(leader Peter Norris)186/754337
WWWM 9:15Fairoaks
28 NovWest Surrey DA Annual Dinner.  YMCA Guildford 19:00 for 19:30.
Tickets from group leaders.
29 NovHFG 9:00CavershamWhitchurchRedfields,
(leader Phil Hampton)Church Crookham
IPG 9:15Old Mill, FarnhamLasham AirfieldPirbright Golf
(leader Ken)186/675438Club
GWCTC 9:15Frensham GCThree Horseshoes,
(leader Keith Chesterton:  Kettlebury Kanter)Thursley
WWWM 9:15Squires GC, Horsley
MIDWEEK WAYFARERS   (Weds)  Lunch venues will be chosen by the leaders on the day
04 Nov  WS 9:46 train to Milford 10:06  Secrett's GC
04 Nov MG 9:45Secrett's GC
11 Nov RPO 9:45Old Cartlodge, Dunley Hill
18 Nov MN 9:45Magna Carta, Runnymede
25 Nov SNI 9:45Abinger Hammer

December 1998  MeetCoffeeLunchTea
06 Dec  HEG 9:00Follytree, Petersfield  PetworthBoat House,
(leader Don Jones)Farncombe
IPG 9:15The Homestead,tbdtbd
WWWM 9:15The Homestead, Cobham
13 DecHAS 9:00Hilliers GC, LissCheritonLasham
(leader Clive)
I/C/W  CLG 9:15  LC Hogs BackKirdfordSecretts GC,
(leader Trevor)186/018269Milford
FFM 9:30
GWCLG 9:15Ramblers' RestHarrow Inn, Compton  
(leader Hilary Stephenson:  Eat, Drink and be Merry)
WWWM 9:15Notcutts, Bagshot
20 DecHCTC 9:00  Barnes Nursery,SteyningSecretts GC,
(leader Don Jones)Dial PostMilford
ICWM 9:15  McDonalds, Windsor  Knowl HillSavill Garden
WWWM 9:15Asters, Shere
27 DecHEG 9:00SelborneAlresfordRedfields GC,
(leader Clive)Ch. Crookham
IPG 9:15LC Sunninghilltbdtbd
GWCTC 9:15  Asters, ShereBlack Swan, Martyrs' Green
(leader Peter Fennemore:  Alka Seltzer® Ride)
WWWM 9:15LC Sunninghill
01 JanH/I/W  WM 9:15LC Hogs Backtbdtbd
MIDWEEK WAYFARERS   (Weds)Lunch venues will be chosen by the leaders on the day
02 Dec  WS 10:04 train to Farnham 10:36  Farnham Maltings
02 Dec MG 9:45Farnham Maltings
09 Dec CWM 9:45Savill GardenXmas Lunch: Red Lion, Horsell
12:30 for 1:00
16 Dec  WS 09:46 train to Winchfield 10:10  Coach House GC, Hartley Wintney
16 Dec MG 9:45Coach House GC, Hartley Wintney
23 Dec MN 9:45Magna Carta, Runnymede
30 Dec RPO 9:45Jardiniere, E Horsley

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