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Annual Report 1973-4

Ladies and Gentlemen, in spite of a year of often unfavourable weather, both the Sunday Runs and Thursday Evening Runs have continued to be well supported.  Average Attendance figures being:-  Sundays - 18.3, Thursday Evenings - 10.  Saturday Afternoon Runs have been organised by Bill Inder during the Summer months, as an introduction for young riders but unfortunately poor support resulted in them being discontinued.

Organised Weekend Runs have been made to Doddington - 13 riders, Burley Youth Hostel - 11 riders, the Black Mountains - 6 riders, Rhayader - an Easter run with 6 riders and to Plymouth - an all night ride by 6 riders to see the first ever British stage of the Tour de France.

The Wayfarers section picked a fine weekend in May for their run to East Ilsley and have continued their joint runs with the Kentish Wheelers.

The Benstead Cup Competition this year included several new names and some from a few years back.  The latter mainly due to two events being held on Thursday evenings.  Events within the competition were:-
50 mile Standard Ride - 10 riders, all qualifying for Certificates.
Speed Judging - 14 entries on a fine June evening, won by G. Alesbury.
Roughstuff - only 7 entries on a wet evening in July, won by O. Brown.
100 km. Standard Ride - 11 entries of which 8 qualified for Certificates.
Tourists Trial - 11 entries - won by H. Coleman. - Bernard Howell Memorial Trophy.
Hill Climb - A fine entry of 21 - won by Russ Mantle.
Freewheeling - Another entry of 21 and another win for Russ Mantle.
Attendance Competition - deservedly won by Bill Inder, for which he receives the Edwards Attendance Cup.
The final winner of the Benstead Cup was H. Coleman with 508 points, 2nd R. Mantle - 485 points, 3rd J. Findlay - 478 points.  Those who participated in the various events thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it is to be regretted that more of the regular Touring Riders do not join in.

The Annual Dinner, held for the second year at the Cotteridge Hotel, Woking, was agreed by all to have been a great success - attendance 65.

Membership of the D.A. has continued to rise throughout the year to a total of 570 and has resulted in 94 different riders being out during the year.

Slide Shows remain as popular as ever and included the Photographic Competition - the winners being:- R. Mantle, K. Bolingbroke and H. Smith.

B.C.T.C. Final.  D.A. members assisted in marshalling the finals in the Surrey Hills on possibly the worst Summers Day in memory.

Guildford Show.  Several members manned the C.T.C. stand organised by Keith Parfitt.

Committee Meetings.  8 meetings have been held at members homes - their hospitality has been greatly appreciated.  Attendances by individual members have been:-  G. Alesbury - 8.  H. S. Coleman - 8.  D. J. Field - 7.  J. Findlay - 7.  W. Inder - 7.  R. Mantle - 7.  R. Pidgeon - 8.  M. Sharples - 2.  H. Smith - 7.

Our thanks go to all who have assisted the D.A. activities and in particular to Wilf Warren, Owen Brown, George Alesbury, Russ Mantle, Keith Parfitt and of course Bill Inder.

By order of the D.A. Committee 18/10/74.
.............................. (Signed H. S. Coleman)
Hon. Secretary, West Surrey District Association

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