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Agenda for the Annual General Meeting at the URS Church Hall, Addlestone, 6/11/77.

  1. To read the notice convening the meeting.
  2. To elect a Chairman for the meeting.
  3. To read and confirm the Minutes of the 1976 AGM.
  4. To receive and adopt the Annual Report.
  5. To receive and adopt the Annual Accounts.
  6. To elect the Officers and Committee for 1977/78:-
    1. President.
    2. Vice-President.
    3. Hon. Secretary.
    4. Hon. Treasurer.
    5. Hon. Runs Secretary.
    6. Hon. Consulting Solicitor.
    7. Hon. Auditor.
    8. Decide number of and elect Committee.
  7. To elect a Map Librarian.
  8. Benstead Cup events.
  9. CTC Centenary 1978.
  10. To discuss any other competent business.


Ladies and Gentlemen, inspite of a very poor summer our D.A. has increased to over 600 members and there has been no loss of support for our Runs and Events as you will see from the following - last years figures in brackets:-
Average Attendance - Sundays 29 (28.7).  Thursday Evenings 12 (11.6).  A total of 157 (156) riders have ridden with the D.A. during the year.
14 Saturday Afternoon Rides have been organised between April & October and have resulted in some new members - average attendance between 4 and 5.

YOUTH HOSTEL Weekends - The General Section and the Wayfarers have made joint runs to:-  Patcham, Salisbury and Alfriston.  The General Section have also been to Henley, Stow-on-the-Wold, Whitwell, Overton & Bath.  The Thursday Nighters went twice to Hazleton.

A new Section, the Intermediate (ideas for a better name will be welcomed), designed to fill the gap between the General and Wayfarers Sections, has had its initial runs and should become firmly established in the near future.

Four Train Assisted Runs have been made, taking advantage of British Rail's free carriage for bicycles.

The Benstead Cup events have had good support and resulted in a very keenly fought competition with a total of 126 (118) riders in the 7 (7) events (in fine weather!).
50 Mile Standard Ride - 20 entries, 13 finished in 3½ hrs, 5 in 4 hrs.
Speedjudging - 21 (21) entries, won by our only lady competitor Gillian Smith.
Roughstuff - 11 (9) entries, winner - Graham Richardson.
100 mile Standard Ride - 14 (12) entries, 6 finished in 7 hrs and 4 in 8 hrs.
Tourists Trial - for which the Bernard Howell Memorial Trophy is awarded this year, 12 (8) entries, winner Chris Jeggo, 2nd John Essex, 3rd Hamish Smith.
Hillclimb - 21 (23) entries - won by Chris Jeggo.
Freewheeling - 24 (27) entries, winner Harold Coleman.
Attendance Competition & Edwards Attendance Cup - won again by Bill Inder 209 pts, 2nd Les Sutton 162 pts, 3rd Keith Parfitt 133 pts.
The winner of the Benstead Cup Competition is Chris Jeggo 610 pts, 2nd John Essex 592 pts, 3rd Graham Richardson 516 pts.
An experimental Handicap Competition was tried with a view to future encouragement of younger and older riders within the Benstead Cup events - Chris Jeggo won by 1 pt.

The Photographic Competition attracted over 60 viewers - winners Land & Seascape R. Mantle, Record & General R. Lewington, Club Life R. Mantle.
The Slide Show in March featured Russ Mantle's "Tour of the Pyrenees", Continental Touring slides from Chris Jeggo and an interesting miscellany from Hamish Smith.

Thanks to the efforts of Keith Parfitt and his helpers the D.A. operated a Stand again at the Guildford Show and made a good showing in the Procession.

The Annual Dinner - 71 members and guests came to eat, drink, laugh and enjoy themselves - do come to this year's on November 26th.

The Centenary Sub-Committee have met throughout the year and produced a calendar of celebratory events and activities for 1978.

Nine Committee Meetings have been held at Members Homes, attendances:-  Alesbury, Field, Inder, Jeggo & Sutton 9, Coleman & Parfitt 8, Collins & Mantle 7.

The D.A.s thanks are due to the many members who have assisted in the running of D.A. activities and in particular I must mention Mesdames Alesbury, Field, Sadler and Smith for the refreshments they provided, and Messrs Essex and Warren for supplying the many hundreds of Runs Lists needed throughout the year.

It is with deep sorrow that the tragic death of Jenny Noad is recorded - the victim of a Hit-and-Run driver whilst returning from a Continental Tour in May.

The D.A. has kept in step with the CTC as a whole in increasing its membership and a livelier interest has been shown by members in D.A. activities and the wider field of the position of the "Cyclist" in the community.

1978, the Centenary Year for the CTC and the 50th Anniversary of our own D.A., is an exciting prospect.  I hope that D.A. Members will participate to the full in the special events which have been planned.

By order of the D.A. Committee 28/10/77.  
H. S. Coleman  
signed  H. S. Coleman
Hon. Sec. West Surrey D.A.

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