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Annual General Meeting at St. Augustine's Church Hall, Addlestone, 11 November 1979


  1. To read the notice convening the meeting.
  2. To elect a chairman for the meeting.
  3. To read and confirm the minutes of the 1978 AGM.
  4. To receive and adopt the annual report.
  5. To receive and adopt the annual accounts.
  6. To elect the officers and committee for 1979/80:-
    1. President
    2. Vice-president(s)
    3. Hon. Secretary
    4. Hon. Treasurer
    5. Hon. Runs Secretary
    6. Hon. Consulting Solicitor
    7. Hon. Auditor
    8. Decide number of and elect committee.
  7. To elect a Map Librarian.
  8. To adopt a set of DA Rules.
  9. Benstead Cup Events.
  10. To discuss any other competent business.

Annual Report

Ladies and Gentlemen, while 1979 could never be special in the way that 1978 was, it has proved to be far from an anti-climax.  There has been a fair sprinkling of new events amid all the well-tried ones which have become customary in previous years.

DA membership now stands at 817, an increase of 16% over last year (703).  Attendance on Sunday runs has averaged 27.1 (27.5), and on Thursday evenings 10 (10).  A total of 188 (168) people have ridden with the DA during the year.  Russ Mantle and Bill Inder have again been the mainstays of the General and Wayfarers Sections respectively, while the Intermediate Section has continued its policy of using as large a number as possible of different run leaders from week to week.  Other runs have been organised during the summer by Bill Inder for newcomers (10 runs, average attendance of 8) and by Keith Parfitt for the Guildford Affiliated Group.

Three new (or revived) ideas for special rides have come to fruition.  17 members took part in the 4th London-Brighton Rally, 4 cycled to Meriden and back in a day for the Cyclists' Memorial Service, the journey back being made in unforgettable continuous rain, and 8 riders made Brighton their destination for a night ride.

Weekend tours have taken riders to the youth hostels at Arundel, Blackboys, Goudhurst, Litton Cheney, Salisbury, Stow-on-the-Wold, Street and Truleigh Hill, while the Thursday-nighters revisited Mottisfont for a weekend in June.  A DA summer tour of a fortnight's duration in southern Ireland was enjoyed by four members, as those of you who came to last week's slide show know.

Several of the YH weekends were arranged with other DAs.  Other joint events have included the traditional run with the Kentish Wheelers, and participation by 9 members in the Home Counties DAs' Rally at Weston Turville and by about 20 in assisting with the BCTC final in the Mole Valley area.

The highlight of the Golden Jubilee Dinner came when CTC National Secretary Les Warner presented Bill Inder with the Merit Medallion, the Club's major national award for distinguished service, at the end of his speech on the past, present and future of cycling and the Club.  Our other guest, the Mayor of Woking, entered into the spirit of this memorable occasion, for which the Cotteridge Hotel was well adorned.  We were pleased to have Les Warner with us again in April at our birthday tea, a successful innovation last year which was repeated this  He presented the Renold Adventure Trophy to Emma Harper, winner of last year's competition for participants in the annual CTC/YHA Youth Adventure Holidays.

Two highly enjoyable and profitable social events have been held.  Les Sutton, helped by Mrs. Evans, organised a disco at Ottershaw, while Keith and Kath Parfitt collaborated with the Charlotteville Cycling Club to produce a barn dance, which is due to be repeated in the spring.

Ninety slides were entered for the photographic competition.  Les Gray adjudged the three winners to be:  Club life - E. Hargraves, Landscape & seascape - C. Jeggo, and Record & general - G. Alesbury.  The evening was completed by Stuart Jackson's slides of a Greek tour and Harold Coleman's of the Pyrenees.  The spring slide show was given by Mr. Pete Smith of the YHA, plus short contributions by several DA members.

In the Benstead Cup competition the standard rides have been more popular this year, but entries for the competitive events were down.

All 32 riders completed the 50-mile standard ride, a record number of finishers, 16 with a time of 3½ hours or less, 10 in 4 hours, 5 in 4½ and 1 in 5 hours.  Eight riders completed the veterans' "50" on the same day.

Ray Craig's "Stonehenge and back" reliability ride attracted 21 entries, almost double last year's.  9 riders completed the 200km, and 6 riders 250km, in the 13 hours allowed.

Twelve entered the speed-judging:  Hamish Smith and Les Sutton tied for first place, with Clement Collins third.

Graham Richardson won the rough-stuff competition for the third year running, with Clement Collins second and Harold Coleman third out of nine entrants.

A new route, devised mainly by David Loe, for the 100-mile standard ride was liked by 11 riders, 10 obtaining certificates for 8 hours.

Only six contested the Tourist Trial, for which the Bernard Howell Memorial Trophy is awarded this year.  Several members had complained about the "racing" element of previous years' trials:  where were they this year when it was removed?  Graham Richardson won, with Harold Coleman second and Adrian Drinkwater third.

The attendance competition and the Edwards Cup were won by Graham Richardson (151 marks), with Bill Inder second (145) and Russ Mantle third (119), the exclusion of Thursday evening attendances having produced a different result this year.

The result of the hill-climb was 1st - Edwin Hargraves, 2nd - Ray Craig, 3rd - David Whittle out of 17 entries.

The free-wheeling competition attracted 22 entries and was won by Chris Shambrook with Graham Richardson second and Harold Coleman third.

The member who did best in all these events and who therefore wins the Benstead Challenge Cup is Graham Richardson, who is the first member to win all three DA trophies in one year.  Harold Coleman came second, and Hamish Smith came third.

Our congratulations go to Harold Coleman for becoming the first CTC Councillor from W. Surrey DA, and our thanks go to him for taking over the editorship of the Newsletter.

A DA Information Sheet describing our activities has been produced.  This has proved useful when answering enquiries about the DA, especially when the DA's stand has been set up, at Guildford Town Show, the British Aerospace fete at Weybridge, and "Sport for All" day in Guildford.

The DA has been more active in road safety and planning matters, inspired partly by the Department of Transport's Local Transport Note "Ways of Helping Cyclists in Built Up Areas".  Contact has been made with highway authorities over specific traffic management schemes, and we have collaborated with Guildford Friends of the Earth in a "Consider the Cyclist" campaign.

Other fields in which DA members have served the cycling cause have been Cycling Proficiency training and tests, and cycling aspects of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

The DA Committee has comprised, for the whole year, President: Bill Inder;  Secretary: Chris Jeggo;  Treasurer: George Alesbury;  Runs Secretary: Russ Mantle;  other members:  Harold Coleman (Events Sec.),  Kath Parfitt (Social Sec.),  Keith Parfitt (Membership Sec. & Publicity Officer), and Les Sutton.  Nine committee meetings have been held in members' homes, and all members have attended all or most of them.

The DA's thanks are due to all those who have assisted in DA activities during the year, and in particular to John Essex for his help in producing hundreds of runs lists and newsletters, to the ladies who have kindly provided delicious refreshments at the slide shows, and to Alan Harlow for lettering a pile of certificates.  Our thanks also go to the Charlotteville Cycling Club and the Farnham Road Club for their standing invitations to their club nights.

By order of the DA Committee      
16 October 1979
C R Jeggo
C. R. Jeggo
Hon. Sec. W.Surrey DA, CTC

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