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Annual General Meeting at St. Augustine's Church Hall, Addlestone, Sunday, November 9, 1980


  1. To read the notice convening the meeting
  2. To elect a chairman for the meeting
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. To read and confirm the minutes of the 1979 annual meeting
  5. To receive and adopt the annual report
  6. To receive and adopt the annual accounts
  7. To elect the committee and officers for 1980-81:
    1. President
    2. Vice Presidents
    3. Hon Secretary
    4. Hon Treasurer
    5. Hon Runs Secretary
    6. Hon Consulting Solicitor
    7. Hon Auditor
    8. To decide the number of and elect a committee
  8. To elect a Map Librarian
  9. Attendance Award rules
  10. Benstead Cup rules
  11. Bernard Howell Memorial Trophy
  12. Any Other Business

Annual Report

Ladies and Gentlemen, West Surrey D.A. has again had an extremely good year, and the highlight has surely been the organisation by the D.A. of the Southern Area Triennial Veterans' 100-mile ride in June.  There were 66 entries, 64 starters and 56 successful finishers.  We were lucky to have the event started by the National Secretary of the C.T.C., Mr. Les Warner, as this was one of his last duties before he announced his retirement for health reasons.  The vast majority of those taking part expressed their pleasure with the event, and particularly the attractive route which was planned by Mr. Inder, the overall organisation being by Mr. Harold Coleman.  Much hard work was done by members and their wives in undertaking such an ambitious project, though it was a pity there were not more people to shepherd the older riders at the end of the run.  If we are to organise other events of this nature, the support of members is vital.

D.A. membership now stands at 844 (last year, 817).  Attendance on Sunday runs has averaged 29, and again Mr. Bill Inder has been the mainstay of the Wayfarers, with Mr. Mantle leading most of the General Section rides, and Mr. Parfitt the majority of the Intermediate rides.  Twelve Saturday afternoon summer rides were also organised by Mr. Inder for the relatively inexperienced riders, and these runs had an average attendance of eight.  The Thursday Night Section continued to attract regular support, the average attendance being nine, and they held one weekend tour.  The General Section also held three YHA weekends.

The first event of the D.A. year was the annual dinner, which was well attended, and many members expressed their appreciation.  The dinner was shortly followed by a memorable YHA weekend at Arundel with the East Sussex D.A., the West Surreys returning in time for Christmas tea at Chiddingfold, which was again well supported, as was the Christmas morning run to Horsell.

Six members enjoyed the D.A. French trip in April, led by Mr. John Whatmore, the tour covering Normandy and Brittany.  Members returned in time to enter the D.A. 50-mile reliability ride and to attend the Birthday Tea which followed it.  Similarly, the 100-mile reliability ride in July was capped with an excellent Addlestone tea.  East Sussex D.A.'s Home Counties Rally was attended by the West Surreys, some of whom stayed at the Y.H. while others camped, and the next weekend (May 11) saw the Speed-judging, which was won by Russ Mantle, with Hamish Munro second and Harold Coleman and Owen Brown third.  In the Roughstuff on the same day, the results were:  1, Clive Paxman;  2, C. Collins;  3, H.Coleman.

On June 1, the Stonehenge event again proved popular, and was organised by Mr. Ray Craig under Audax rules.  In August, several members attended the C.T.C. Birthday Rides at Melrose, and again in the same month invaluable work was done at the two-day Guildford Show.  September saw us again with the East Sussex on an Isle of Wight Y.H.A. weekend.

No Tourist Trial was held this year, partly because, despite an appeal in the Newsletter, there have been no volunteers to organise one, and partly because of apparent lack of support for this event.  This is probably the competitive event which is most closely linked to touring cycling, so if you wish it to be held next year, please say so - and be prepared to help organise it!

The Hillclimb and Freewheeling events were held in October, again in glorious weather.  The "going up" was won by Chris Jeggo, with Russ Mantle second and Graham Barnes third;  and the "coming down" was won by Harold Coleman, with Tony Pryce second and Graham Richardson third.  The Attendance Cup was won by Graham Richardson, with Bill Inder second and Graham Barnes third, and the new Junior Attendance Cup went to Graham Barnes with Stephen Pack second and David Fraser third.

The Benstead Cup, then, was won by Russ Mantle (500 pts), with Harold Coleman second (491 pts) and Graham Richardson third with 482.  This is probably the closest-ever result and shows how high the standards are becoming and how keenly the events are being contested.

On July 9 there was a new departure for the D.A. with the first evening at the new clubroom in the premises of the Guildford Rowing Club.  The opening evening had a French theme with free wine and French bread and cheese for the 50 or so who attended.  Since then, the clubroom has been used regularly each month, with good attendances.  If it is to continue, it is essential that it is well supported, particularly through the winter.

The clubroom will help us to present our slideshows in a more convivial atmosphere.  During the year we have held a slide competition and two evenings of touring slides, one being particularly outstanding.  This, of course, was the show given by Mr. David Wells on his four-year round the world cycle tour.  Those who saw it will recall not only the feat of cycling round the world, but also the extremely high technical standard of the pictures.  Unfortunately, Mr. Wells has left the D.A. for Scotland, where he is now building lightweight frames!  It is perhaps appropriate here to thank Mr. Gordon Appleby for his help in judging the slide competition and supplying his projector and screen.

Following the decision by last year's annual meeting that a D.A. badge should be produced, a sub-committee was set up and a design by Mr. Simon Doughty was chosen, depicting a green oak leaf, the symbol of Surrey, on a white background, with the title, West Surrey D.A., Cyclists' Touring Club in gilt.  These will be on sale shortly to members, so buy a badge and support your D.A.!

A great amount of work has been done in routine matters.  Mr. Coleman, to whom our congratulations go on his re-election as a National Councillor, has continued to produce the Newsletter which forms such a link between members.  Mrs Gillian Smith has organised the Barn Dance and arranged the menu for the annual dinner.  Mrs Parfitt has also been active in organising social events and in the printing of D.A. notices.  There has also been much work on the road safety and planning side, with Mr. Parfitt and Mr. Jeggo being particularly active, supported by Mr. Coleman and Mr. Inder.  Mr. Staton has kept up a steady flow of press reports, and Mr. Inder has also written regular reports on club rides for the local press.

The D.A. Committee has comprised for the whole year:  President, Bill Inder;  Secretary, John Whatmore;  Treasurer, George Alesbury;  Runs Secretary, Russ Mantle.  Other members:  Harold Coleman (Events Secretary), Kathleen Parfitt, Mrs Gillian Smith (Social Secretary), Tim Staton (Press Secretary), Keith Parfitt (Membership Secretary and Publicity Secretary).  Eight committee meetings have been held in members' homes and all members have attended all or most of them.

The D.A. would like to offer its thanks to all who have helped with its events during the year, in particular to John Essex who has again helped produce the runs lists and Newsletters, to the ladies who have provided refreshments, to Simon Doughty for his work on lettering the certificates.  Our thanks also go to the Charlotteville CC and the Farnham RC for their standing invitation to their club nights, and particularly to a benefactor who made a generous anonymous gift.

By order of the D.A. Committee,
October 17, 1980
John Whatmore
John Whatmore
Hon. Secretary, West Surrey D.A.

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