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Annual General Meeting at St. Augustine's Church Hall, Addlestone, Sunday 7th November 1982.


  1. To read the notice convening the meeting
  2. To elect a chairman for the meeting
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. To read and confirm the minutes of the 1981 annual general meeting
  5. To receive and adopt the annual report
  6. To receive and adopt the annual accounts
  7. To elect the officers and committee for 1982-83:
    1. President
    2. Hon. Secretary
    3. Hon. Treasurer
    4. Hon. Runs Secretary
    5. To decide number of and elect a committee
  8. To elect other positions:
    1. Vice Presidents
    2. Hon. Auditor
    3. Map Librarian
  9. Motion:    It is proposed that the D.A. colours be changed to green, white and gold, in keeping with the D.A. badge.
    Proposed:  S. Doughty    Seconded:  L. Moss
  10. Motion:    That the attendance competition be discontinued.
    Proposed:  C. Jeggo    Seconded:  S. Doughty
  11. Motion:    That the committee give consideration to re-organising the D.A.'s standard and reliability rides.
    Proposed:  C. Jeggo    Seconded:  S. Doughty
  12. Any other business

Annual Report 1981-82

Fellow members, it has been a successful year for West Surrey D.A. with encouraging support for all our activities, including Sunday rides, Benstead Cup events, club nights and other social gatherings.  Standing at 817 (including 3 months' grace for non-renewals) D.A. membership is virtually static (820 last year) but there has been greater participation in club activities.  A record 204 members have ridden with the D.A. during the year and after remaining around the 29 mark for several years average attendance on Sunday runs has risen to 32.  Other records broken include biggest attendance on any Sunday (72) and average attendance at tea (22).

Once again our three runs leaders - Bill Inder (Wayfarers), Russ Mantle (General) and Keith Parfitt (Intermediate) - should be thanked for organising a programme of runs throughout the year.  Thanks to several volunteer leaders, Sunday morning Intermediate runs are now a regular feature and should attract many members who are not able to give up a whole day to cycling.  We take this opportunity to express our grateful thanks to all those who have invited us to their homes for D.A. teas.  Bill Inder led Saturday afternoon rides on alternate weeks between April and October but few new riders were attracted out.  However, support for Thursday night rides has continued with an average attendance of 8.4.  The attendance trophy was won again by Bill Inder (47 out of a possible 49), Gill Smith was second and Geoff Hone third.  Chris Jeggo has organised family rides in the Farnborough/Camberley area.

The General group have held several successful YHA weekends and Thursday nighters have also enjoyed a weekend tour.  Train-assisted runs have proved popular with the Intermediates and advantage has been taken of BR's special offers in order to cycle further afield.  A select group enjoyed a tour of Devon organised by Dave Butler and several D.A. members have been across The Channel to cycle with the Audax Club Boulonnais.

In order to double the available space without increasing costs the print size of our runs list and newsletter has been reduced;  it also now includes advertising from a local cycle shop, thus making a profit for the D.A.  We thank Bill Inder for typing the runs list, Harold Coleman for the newsletter, Judy Chegwyn and John Essex for help with production, and Simon Doughty for his cartoons.

The Attendance Competition (Sunday D.A. events) has been won by Graham Richardson (143), with Bill Inder (130) second and Linda Pack (125) third.  Steve Pack (119) won the Junior Attendance Cup once again;  Clive Paxman (110) was second and Neil Munroe (74) third.

The Benstead Cup Competition proved very popular this year and 120 different riders participated in West Surrey events.  The total number of entries for all events, including reliability rides, was 246.  The first event of the year, the 50-mile reliability ride attracted a record 52 entries and all but one finished - 33 in 3½ hours, 10 in 4 hours, 7 in 4½ hours and 1 in 5 hours.  The vets '50' was also well supported.  There were 20 entries for the 100-mile ride and 18 finished - 3 in 7 hours, 12 in 8 hours and 3 in 9 hours.  The Stonehenge 200 km Audax ride organised by Ray Craig for Weybridge Wheelers also counted as a Benstead Cup reliability ride and 22 D.A. members finished - 7 in 11 hours and 15 in 13 hours.  A new event this year was West Surrey's Tour of the Hills organised by Harold Coleman and Chris Jeggo.  A 100 km Audax involving more than 5000 feet of climbing, the event proved most successful and attracted many riders from outside the D.A.  Of the 49 entries, 9 finished in 9 hours and 27 in 7 hours.  Special thanks are due to those who helped with marshalling and refreshment stops.  D.A. members also took part in non-D.A. Audax events including Ray Craig's Super Grimpeur and the C.T.C. 400 km ride.  Winners of competitive events were as follows:
Speedjudging (22 entries) - 1st, L. Moss;  2nd, C. Paxman and B. Chandler
Roughstuff  (16  entries)  - 1st, D. Butler;  2nd, G. Richardson;  3rd, B. Slorach
Hill  Climb  (21  entries)  -  1st, G. Barnes;  2nd, J. Harper;  3rd, R. Mantle
Freewheeling (26 entries) - 1st, P. Heenan;  2nd, O. Mian;  3rd, J. Cheatham.
The Tourist Trial was revived this year and it was decided to award the Bernard Howell Memorial Trophy to the winner.  The event was organised by Simon Doughty and attracted 18 entries.  Winner was L. Moss with H. Coleman second and G. Richardson third.  Overall winner of the Benstead Cup was Graham Richardson (603 points);  Harold Coleman (531) was second and Clive Paxman (500) third.

The D.A.'s monthly clubroom, organised at Guildford Rowing Club by Keith Parfitt, has continued to flourish and members and friends have enjoyed such non-cycling activities as football, tug-of-war and skittles.  We are grateful to those members who have entertained us with their slides, including Jeanette Belliveau, Jim Cheatham, Derek Constable, Bill Larke, Les Moss and John Whatmore.  Several outside speakers were also invited during the year.  Perhaps this is a good time to remind members of the standing invitations to their weekly club nights kindly offered by Charlotteville Cycling Club and Farnham Road Club.

Entries in the photographic competition were shown at the clubroom in November 1981 and winners were:  Landscape & Seascape - Jim Cheatham;  Record & General - Harold Coleman;  Club Life - Russ Mantle.  John Whatmore won the new, novice category.  We should like to thank Gordon Appleby for judging the slides and for the loan of his projector.  Entries were up on last year but despite this the competition made a loss.  This year it has been decided to abolish entry fees and prizes but to include an additional print category.  Horsell was the venue for our March slide show when John Whatmore entertained us with an account of his cycling tour in Israel.  The evening was rounded off by slides from several other members.

The first social event of the D.A.'s year was our Annual Dinner and Social, held as usual at The Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.  Guest of honour was National Secretary Alan Leng accompanied by his wife who kindly distributed the prizes.  We thank Simon Doughty for lettering the certificates so professionally.  Russ Mantle received the Bernard Howell Memorial Trophy having been voted the member who had contributed most to the D.A. during the year.  Birthday and Christmas teas were enjoyed at Addlestone and we wish to thank the ladies for their efforts on our behalf.  The traditional Christmas Morning Meet at Horsell attracted 33 members.  Following the success of last year's midsummer social the D.A. again took to the water on a lovely June evening and enjoyed a ship-shaped sausage supper on the River Wey, the evening being rounded off at our clubroom.

A sponsored tandem ride organised by Gill Smith raised ?80.72 for the White Lodge Centre for Spastic Children, Chertsey.

Our D.A. badge has proved so popular that we have just ordered a further supply.

The D.A. Committee for the whole year has comprised:  President, Bill Inder;  Secretary, Kath Parfitt;  Treasurer, George Alesbury;  Runs Secretary, Russ Mantle.  Other members:  Harold Coleman (committee chairman and Benstead Cup), Les Moss (Publicity), Keith Parfitt (Membership and Planning) and Gill Smith (Social Secretary).  Vice presidents elected for the year were G. Alesbury, H. Coleman and L. Warner.  Gary Lockwood was Map Librarian.  Seven committee meetings have been held in members' homes and we are grateful for the provision of refreshments.

In addition to organising the events already mentioned, committee members have been active on behalf of the D.A. in many less obvious ways.  Bill Inder has finished the daunting task of writing a history of the D.A., in memory of Don Field, and it is now being typed by Beryl Field.  The D.A. is represented on the local Road Safety Committees of our area:  Guildford (Keith Parfitt), Surrey Heath (Chris Jeggo), Waverley East (Keith Parfitt), Waverley West (Barry and Doreen Lindsey, Clive Richardson) and Woking (Bill Inder).  We have also been involved in cycling proficiency tests - Simon Doughty has helped with the advanced test - and have been represented on the Surrey Amenity Council, Guildford Sports Council, and Transport Sub-committee of Guildford Society.  With the appointment of a Rights Officer at C.T.C. HQ a National Rights Network has been set up and Bill Inder, Chris Jeggo and Keith Parfitt have been designated D.A. members with a special interest in local rights and planning matters.  Comments on local authority structure plans have been submitted to councils by Chris Jeggo and Keith Parfitt.

Publicity work has included weekly press reports to the Woking News & Mail by Bill Inder, reports to Cycletouring by the secretary, talks to cubs, scouts and guides by Les Moss, participation in the Woking Whirl procession, and D.A. stands at Sandown Park Fun Fair and Guildford Town Show.  It is hoped to use local radio when County Sound is launched next year;  it will be based in Guildford and will cover an area almost identical with that of our D.A.

Bill Larke has taken on much of the work associated with membership and largely due to his and Cathie's efforts an information sheet, introductory letter and runs list have been delivered to new members.

Little progress has been made with the establishment of new sections within the D.A. although Doreen Lindsey is attempting to get something going in the Haslemere area.  We are still looking for people willing to lead rides in the Camberley and Walton and Weybridge areas.

In conclusion, the committee would like to thank all those who have made the year so successful by participating in and helping to run our cycling and social events.

By order of the D.A. Committee
October 1982
Kathleen Parfitt
Kathleen Parfitt
Hon. Secretary, West Surrey D.A.

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