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Annual Report 1985-86

Membership and attendance

The DA has continued to be supported by a good proportion of its membership with 188 people joining the rides compared with 184 last year.  This is out of a total of 820 CTC members in the West Surrey DA area and so participation is above the national average of about 15%.  However, the total is little different from last year (810) at a time when membership has increased nationally.  The task of keeping local membership records and contacting all new members was enthusiastically taken on by Hugh Rawlinson last year and we were very sorry to hear of his untimely death on a cycle ride in the spring.  Marguerite Statham is now fulfilling these duties.

Runs and tours

The three Sunday groups have held weekly rides all year.  The average number of people going out on Sunday was 33, similar to 31 last year, with an average of 14 staying out all day (13 last year).  There were 18 at tea on average, the same as last year.  Clearly most members prefer to join the club for only part of the Sunday ride and this seems to be an increasing trend.  Our thanks are due to the Runs Secretary, Russ Mantle, for compiling these figures and for continuing to coordinate the General group.  The Wayfarers group was led by our President, Bill Inder, as before and the Intermediates have had a new leader since September 1985 when David Pinkess took over.  There has been some difficulty in finding volunteers to lead rides, particularly in recent months;  we thank those who have helped and hope that more members will try to lead one or two rides next year.

We continue to enjoy good teas at the end of our Sunday rides and are particularly grateful to those members, and their families, who welcome us into their homes, especially Helen and Marion Gill, Mr and Mrs Butler, and Mr and Mrs Lindsey.

There have been several weekend tours.  In October riders from all the groups had a Youth Hostel weekend on the Isle of Wight.  In December the General group went to the annual slide show at Alfriston YH run by East Sussex DA.  At Easter there was a club YH tour in Kent.  The second annual ladies' weekend was again held on the Isle of Wight in April.  At the May Bank Holiday Les Moss and others organised a very successful trip to Normandy enjoyed by 17 members.  At the August Bank Holiday there was a weekend trip to Shropshire where seven members endured the rigours of hurricane Charlie and the following week several members experienced a 'mud' bath on a trip to Dorset.

Between April and October twelve Saturday afternoon rides were held with an average attendance of five but no new members were recruited.  The Wednesday evening rides from Godalming attracted several newcomers to cycling and at least one has moved on to Sunday runs.  There were 14 rides from May to August which were attended by about 15 each week.  Wednesday day rides are now well established with about seven people on the run;  most of them join the ride for part of the day.  During the year there have been 49 Thursday evening meets and five regular riders were at more than 40 of these with our President, Bill Inder, scoring 49/49 to win the Thursday-nighters' trophy

Magazine and runslist

The DA magazine, started in mid-1985, has continued to appear approximately quarterly and each issue now sells about 75 copies.  We are very grateful to Robert and Hazel Shiels and Gerry Crawshaw for the hard work which they have put into establishing the 'West Surrey Cyclist'.  As with most magazines of this kind there seems to be a permanent dearth of articles so please contribute something if you'd like to see the magazine continue and prosper.

At the beginning of 1986 a new-style quarterly runs list was introduced to fit in with the magazine and, it was hoped, make the runs' details a little less cryptic for the benefit of new members.  There have been some difficulties in planning the rides on a three-monthly basis so the runs' list is still under review.  A well produced and varied programme of rides is vital to the DA so it is to be hoped that with everyone's help and support these problems can be overcome.


The clubroom continues to be held every four weeks with a varied programme of activities and also rather varied attendance.  There have been four slide shows and nine other events including a maintenance evening, bring and buy sale, video evening and treasure hunt.  The experimental 'open forum' was a success providing an informal and frank atmosphere for views about the DA to be aired and some ideas from the discussion have since been put into practice.  Thanks to Keith Parfitt and his helpers for running the clubroom.

Social events

The highlight of the social year, the dinner and dance, was again held at Guildford Cathedral Refectory and ably organised by Gillian Smith, our social secretary.  Sixty members and friends enjoyed a good meal and convivial evening including the annual prize presentation.

In December the traditional Christmas Tea was enjoyed by about 50 members and their families.  Our thanks are due to Mr and Mrs Vowler and their helpers for this and other teas which are held at Addlestone.

The photographic competition was again poorly supported but changes suggested at the clubroom open forum should create a more attractive format.  The DA slide show was given by the popular Chris Davies but was unfortunately less well attended than usual.

The social scene has been generally disappointing this year, with the Barn Dance failing to pay its costs due to lack of people in spite of excellent premises, music and food arranged by Gill.

On a brighter note the Breakfast Run and the Swimming Run were both well attended and much enjoyed.  Thanks must go to Mike Harlow for arranging these, and to Mrs Butler for catering for the breakfast and to Jenny and Mike Harlow for hospitality and the swimming pool.  Perhaps we should concentrate our efforts on social activites such as these.

Benstead Cup

The events for this year's competition were organised by Roy Banks, assisted by Dave Butler, Clive Richardson and other helpers.  The 50 mile standard ride was completed by 25 riders and other members enjoyed a leisurely 50 on the same day.  The 100 mile ride was yet again not well supported with 10 starters and 4 finishers;  this event will be reconsidered next year.  On the other hand 30 people entered the 200 km Wanborough-Brighton-Wanborough Audax event in June and 54 enjoyed a splendid tea at the finish.  This year we had difficulty finding people to run the Speedjudging and Roughstuff events but thanks to those who stepped in at the eleventh hour, 10 members were able to take part and Clive Richardson won both sections.

Our biggest event was the Audax Tour of the Hills 100 km in which 86 started and 46 finished due to exceptionally wet and windy weather.  However, only 6 starters and 2 finishers were DA members so it seems that we hold this event for outsiders.  This was the second year that August had produced such conditions so we're planning to change the date for 1987.  Thanks are due to Roy Banks and the marshalls who put in a great deal of time and effort to make this event possible;  we are also indebted to F. W. Evans Cycles for sponsorship.

Sixteen took part in the hillclimb in early October but unfortunately due to technical problems the result had to be declared void.  There were no such difficulties for the Freewheel and Kevin Blackburn beat the other 22 competitors.

The Sunday attendance competition was, as usual, a close thing with Clive Richardson 1st (132 points), Bill Inder 2nd (128 pts) and Bert Bartholomew 3rd (121 pts).  Marguerite Statham was the highest placed lady and in 4th position.

Finally, the overall result of the Benstead Competition was a clear first for Clive Richardson with 530 points.  Other positions were:  2nd, Les Pantry, 342;  3rd, David Pinkess, 329:  4th, Helen Gill, 317, she wins the Ladies Benstead Shield;  5th, Kevin Blackburn, 261;  6th, Linda Pack, 254, and 7th, Bert Bartholomew, 247.

Other cycling events

A tandem ride held in April attracted several riders from the DA and many from further afield.  In May we arranged cycling activities as part of the Runnymede town twinning weekend;  although few foreign cyclists took part we had an enjoyable ride with the South Bucks DA.  Thanks to Chris Jeggo for the effort he put into this venture.  A joint run to meet the Reading DA was held later in the year and a YH weekend with East Sussex DA is planned.  We hope to arrange similar fixtures with our neighbours, N. Hamps DA and East Surrey DA.  Some West Surrey members rode in both the London to Brighton and the East End to Southend mass cycle rides sponsored for charity.


This year Mike Harlow looked after publicity matters, his biggest project being the distribution of a spring runslist to over 800 members in the West Surrey area with Cycletouring, an exercise which had some response including new visitors to the clubroom.


A number of items have been considered and we have corresponded with the appropriate authorities;  these include the route of the Milford bypass, new roads in Goldsworth Park, cycle facilities in Farnham and Merrow and a Thames-side cycle route.

CTC National events

DA members supported the Home Counties Rally, the National Dinner, the Triennial Veterans' rides, the York Rally and the Birthday Rides.  Four of our events were included in the DA Tourist Competition.  Keith Parfitt has served as a Councillor and was recently returned unopposed for a further year representing division D.

The DA would like to thank all those who have helped with our many and varied activities during the year, and those who have promoted cycling outside the DA on road safety committees and with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.  We hope they will continue to do so and that more members will get involved with running the DA for the benefit of us all.  Finally a special thankyou to our retiring committee members, especially George Alesbury who has served us so well for 26 years as treasurer, and Les Moss who has kept our meetings in order with his skillful Chairmanship.

  Helen Juden
Helen Juden
DA Secretary
for the DA committee
November 1986

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