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1991 has been another active year for the DA and the number of rides and events has been maintained.  Sunday rides are our main activity, and the following figures are illuminating.

1989-90 1988-9 1987-8 1986-7
Averages for:
  Riders out for all or part of day
  Riders out all day
7 (first ½)
9.6 (second ½)
  Riders at tea

Total number of people joining at least 1 Sunday run during year

DA Membership

Towards the end of the current club year the committee decided to reinstate the Intermediate group.  This was partly due to the fact that new members were finding it difficult to keep up with the more experienced members of the Wayfarers group.  It was decided to try to keep to the 40/60/80 maximum mileage for the three groups.  The Wayfarers, under previous leadership, had changed to a morning only group, but under the leadership of David Pinkess this year has reverted to the usual all day ride and has proved very successful.  On most weeks a majority of riders were quite able to stay out all day.  It was also decided to revert to varied starting places rather than always meeting at Woking.  This approach was felt to be imperative as we were managing to exclude a lot of potential riders from other areas of West Surrey.  This was generally received very well.  As the year advanced we had a notable number of new riders who showed good promise and with continued encouragement will develop into enthusiastic members.

The General/Hardriders group, led from the rear by Roger Philo, continues to cater for the stronger riders.

The Midweek Wayfarers, organised by George Alesbury, have continued to attract an average of 6 or 7 riders.  Three train-assisted runs were well supported.  The faithful few continued to meet on Thursday Nights.

Benstead Cup Results

Benstead Cup:  Chris Avery

Ladies' Shield:  Helen Pinkess

Attendance Cup:   David Pinkess    154 points
2nd:   Roger Philo      142 points
3rd:   Roy Richardson  124 points

Tricyclathon:  Chris Avery

District Association Tourist Competition (DATC) - 1991 Results

Team competition    1st West Surrey (619 points)    2nd Essex (606 points)

West Surrey team individual results

     Chris Avery  --  2nd place   (107 pts)          Phil Hampton  --  equal 14th   (101 pts)
     Colin Harris  --  equal 4th   (106 pts)          Geoff Smith  --  equal 24th   (98 pts)
     Roger Philo  --  8th place   (104 pts)          Neil Evans  --  51st place   (88 pts)
     Ian Parker  --  10th place   (103 pts)

Charity Rides

A rough stuff event through Durford Wood on 11th August raised £50 for the Woodland Trust.


The monthly clubroom continued to be organised by Keith Parfitt with support from David Whittle and Rory Fenner.

Special Events

A successful Christmas lunch was held at Dunley Hill on 2nd December;  34 people attended.

A Ladies' Weekend in the New Forest on 8th/9th June was organised by Sue Hamilton.

The Greenings organised a Salisbury weekend on 14th/15th September.

Participation in National Events

DA members have taken part in the Home Counties Rally, the Birthday Rides, the National 400km Randonnee, the London-Brighton and London-Oxford charity rides, and the East-West ride.

1993 Home Counties Rally

The DA is committed to hosting this and has provisionally booked a site at Godalming.


The DA continues to be involved in rights work, especially in Guildford, Farnham, and Godalming, and has represented cyclists at a public enquiry on the Guildford Borough Plan.


The DA has taken part in shows at Aldershot, Cranleigh, Farnham, and Guildford.  As a result of contacts the DA has made through such publicity work it is hoped to form a junior group.


This incorporates the Runs List and has been produced quarterly, edited by David Nightingale.


The DA Committee met seven times in members' homes during the year.  Its members were as follows:

Hon. President Bill Inder
Hon. Secretary Helen Pinkess
Hon. Treasurer Roger Philo
Hon. Runs Secretary    Alan Darling (resigned during the year)
Les Houlton (took over from Alan)
Committee Members    Colin Harris
Russ Mantle
Keith Parfitt
Ian Parker
David Pinkess

Helen Pinkess, DA Secretary
15th November 1991

Annual General Meeting, 17th November 1991 at Pirbright Village Hall


  1. Reading of the notice convening the meeting.
  2. Election of a chairman for the meeting.
  3. Apologies for absence.
  4. Minutes of the 1990 AGM.
  5. Matters arising from the minutes.
  6. Approval of the Annual Report.
  7. Approval of the Annual Accounts.
  8. Election of Officers and Committee for 1991-92:
    1. President
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Runs Secretary
    5. to decide the number of and elect other committee members.
  9. Election to other positions:
    1. Vice-Presidents
    2. Auditor
    3. Librarian
  10. Motion 1   "Over the next 5 - 10 years a Wayfarers group should start up in all the major towns.  All the Wayfarers leaders should get together to talk about their runs so that if possible they can meet up at coffee at least once every 3 months.  If any of these Wayfarers want more advanced riding they can progress to the Intermediate or General group which should both continue to meet at different points around the DA.  All groups should arrange to meet at tea at least every three months."
       Proposed by Marguerite Statham,  seconded by David Nightingale.
  11. Motion 2   "That two informal groups be formed in 1) Weybridge and Walton, 2) Farnham to provide an alternative way for riders living in these areas to participate in DA activities."
       Proposed by Keith Parfitt,  seconded by David Pinkess.
  12. Any Other Business.

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