West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 14 - March/April 1980

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As a West Surrey member YOU MUST RIDE our most popular event - the 50 MILE RELIABILITY RIDE, through the lanes of Surrey and Sussex when spring is colouring the hedgerows and the primroses and daffodils shine in the sun. Certificates for 3½, 4, 4½ & 5hrs. Special event for the over-fifties who like a little more time to look at the flowers. D.A. BIRTHDAY TEA at ELSTEAD - book with Russ Mantle - all on April 20th.

WEST SURREY GOES INTERNATIONAL - we now have riding with us our old friend from Norway Ole Skaane, the "Cycling Prof" Donald Dean from Chicago and a young lady from Germany. Her name is Claudia and she is seeking a companion for a three week tour of southern England and Wales during July August - if only I was 60yrs younger, oh its cruel.

HOME COUNTIES RALLY, Selmeston 3/5 May, is being organised with great enthusiasm by our friends of the E. Sussex. Keith & Kath, Ole, Clemment, Mr David Whittle, me, have booked to my knowledge, have you? Don't delay, especially if you intend staying at Alfriston YHA which is opening for the rally and will soon be fully booked.

It is reported that a new D.A. rider thought that "STOPPING FOR 11's" meant that we stopped for a coffee every eleven miles! What a good idea.

The D.A. TRIP TO 'LA BELLE FRANCE' is rapidly taking shape under the sure hand of Messieur "Whatmore the Pen" ( did you see his cycling article in the Guardian Feb 9th). Several members have already committed themselves. Interested? Then ring John.

I am repeating my appeal, well I couldn't say that "I am appealing" could I, for members to take an active interest in protecting themselves and fellow cyclists within their own area. It means keeping your eyes open, reading the local newspaper for news of road changes etc, writing a few letters, possibly attending a local meeting or just reporting the where abouts of "Potholes" to the local Highways Department. Doing all or any of this will help all cyclists. You will not always be successful but the more voices there are speaking on behalf of cyclists, the more our presence will be recognised and our needs taken heed of. Have a word with Chris Jeggo (Farnb' 46472)

D.A. BADGE - the designs will shortly be scrutinised - is yours amongst them? - if not why not? Final size will probably be about 25mm(one inch for the Vets) across, shape - round or square or oblong or eggshaped or whatever you think is suitable. Have a go, all designs welcome. Get them to me by post or hand or bike or your sister!

GO WEST (SURREY) YOUNG MAN - go regularly and you could be the winner of the brand new JUNIOR ATTENDANCE CUP. Open to riders under 18 years old at the 30th September, which is the date at which our Attendance Year finishes.

The man whom we banished to Sheffield University for being too clever, Simon Doughty, has discovered a cafe that sells ONE PINT MUGS OF TEA for 20p - do you think that we could make it for 11's Russ? Simon recently had to get off four times on one hill - nothing to do with one pint mugs of tea - it was Winnats Pass with ¾ mile of 1 in 5 on a very cold day. He is looking forward to returning to the warmth and the friendly hills of the south, where the passes over the Downs are not blocked by snow and ice.


The A.G.M. of the CTC is being held in London this year, on Saturday 26th April at 1.30pm. The venue is the RHS Hall, Vincent Square, S.W.1. There will be a D.A. group going via a scenic route - Byfleet, Weybridge to Walton by the Thames, Sunbury, Hampton Court, the Chestnut Way to Kingston, Richmond Park, Barnes Common, Putney Bridge, and the Chelsea Embankment. Meet Guildford Library at 8.30am or join on the route. A round trip of about 70 miles. DON'T FORGET YOUR CTC MEMBERSHIP CARD or you will not be allowed in.

The FRENCH ALPS May 16- 31, taking in some famous passes. Sounds terrific, if you'r fit, free and have about £200 to spare contact Justin Oakley, Flat 5, Block A, Bootham Park Court, Wigginton Road, York. All the other CTC Tours will almost certainly be booked by now so here is a chance worth taking advantage of - it is superb.

Chris Jeggo recently prevented the closure of a footpath to cyclists merely by the writing of one letter - be encouraged - have a word with Chris - you don't have to take it all on - every little helps - if we don't look after ourselves no one else will.
Late news - Sun: 13th April
Wessex D.A. 200km Audax ride
Start & finish at Poole - contact Chris Jeggo
I am sorry to end on a sad note but I
have to tell you that our friend,
MIKE SHARPLES, has died today, 22nd Feb.

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