West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 16 - July/August 1980

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WELL DONE WEST SURREY! 64 riders started the 1980 Southern Region Ride of the Veterans' Triennial 100 mile. Ignoring the constant Summer Rain(It's just slightly warmer than Winter Rain) they were guided around Bill Inders scenic route. 56 completed the course within the 12hrs allowed, including 81yr old Henry Stanislas, our President Bill Inder who was 76 this month, and six of the seven ladies. It is my pleasure to pass on, to all those who assisted, the thanks and congratulations expressed by nearly all the participants.

GUILDFORD TOWN SHOW is on Sat:30th and Sun: 31st August. It is a great Show and this year there will be no admission charge. D.A. members will be needed for the D.A. Stand and for the procession through the town - please contact Keith Parfitt(Glfd 60776)

DAVID WHITTLE after having tipped me head first into a bank of stinging nettles, has fled to the Continent with Clement Collins - I expect that Great Britain will have no option over leaving the Common Market very soon!

TOURIST TRIAL - Sunday 14th Sept: Chris Jeggo will not be able to organise this years event as he is due to become a DAD again about then - a very time consuming business. We need some one to take it on - several people have told us what they think is wrong in the past, how about one of them having a go now? The chances are, of course, that they wont, so how about a D.A. member who would just like to do a useful job for the D.A. There is plenty of experience to be drawn upon and help obtainable. If you are interested give me a ring on Woking 60385.

BENSTEAD CUP COMPETITION - there have been two events recently:-

  SPEEDJUDGING - 1st Russ Mantle, 2nd Hamish Munro, 3rd Owen Brown and Harold Coleman.

  ROUGHSTUFF - 1st new member Clive Paxman, 2nd Clement Collins, 3rd Harold Coleman.

Current positions after the "50", Speedjudging, Roughstuff and "Stonehenge", are:- 1st Graham Richardson 231pts, 2nd Russ Mantle 229pts, 3rd Harold Coleman 216pts. Don't forget that anyone who missed either the "50" or "Stonehenge" can make up the 50pts by riding the "100" on July 6th - it's an attractive course and the weather must have improved by then.

one of the attractions of training on rollers is that you are spared the DANGERS OF THE ROAD. That is until shift your position in the saddle causing the bike to rock forward, followed by your front wheel climbing over the front roller, followed by your fast rotating back wheel hitting the ground, followed by you ending up in a heap several yards away - against the garage door in my case!

D.A. BARN DANCE, OTTERSHAW, OCTOBER 24th - make a note in your diary - bring a BIRD.

In order to attract more D.A. members out to ride with us, we shall be conducting campaigns in selected areas. In order to keep postal costs down members will be asked to assist by distributing letters in their area - PLEASE HELP when asked - THANK YOU!

YHA WEEKEND with EAST SUSSEX D.A. at WHITWELL 20/21st September. Slide Show on the Saturday night featuring York/Harrogate/Selmeston Rallies and past CTC/YHA weekends. Book early with Keith(Glfd 60776).

*D.A. CLUBROOM* *D.A. CLUBROOM* First meeting Wednesday 9th July at GUILFORD ROWING CLUB, SHALFORD ROAD (100yds beyond the Jolly Farmer P.H.). Come along to a "FRENCH EVENING" presented by our recent French Tourists(i.e. they toured in France) - French wine, French bread and cheese, French music. Support YOUR CLUBROOM - the more who turn up the more fun it will be and you don't want Keith to drink all the wine do you - he has only just got his head clear from France!

There are some vacancies on local ROAD SAFETY COMMITTEES for cyclists. They only meet two or three times a year but it is very important that some one speaks up for cyclists, just to point out that we exist and deserve some consideration. If you are interested and willing to give a little of your time to help yourself and your fellow cyclists, have a word with Keith.


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