West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 29 - September/October 1982

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(The format has changed again - the sheet size is back to A4, but the content has been photo-reduced from two A4 sheets.)


This new format is designed to provide you with a clearer Runs List and a longer Newsletter, all at the old price - i.e. FREE!! - if the West Surrey DA Committee were put in charge of the Nation's economy there would be no inflation at all!

The DA'S riders in the CTC NATIONAL 400KM aquited themselves well.  In number West Surrey was second only to Bristol DA with 14 finishers out of 15 starters.  Successful DA riders completing the 400km (250m) safely inside the 27hrs allowed included: Chris Jeggo, Simon Caller, Dave Butler, Simon Doughty, Ray Craig, Brian Eaton, Ian Pennington, Clive Richardson, John Rivers and me!  The weather was perfect, the organisation excellent and there was a carnival atmosphere to the whole event.

According to a test report in Bicycle Times, Fibrax 269 brake blocks give the best results after the very expensive Mathauser and Koolstop - better than Mafac and Weinmann.  They are obtainable in most fittings and very reasonable in price.

Ray Craig's 'SUPER GRIMPEUR', though well supported, saw only seven entries from West Surrey DA.  Apart from Simon Doughty, who blew a tyre on an inaccessible part of the course, all were successful.  Paddy Shea returned to battle, after a noble though losing fight last year, and won - well done Paddy.

My quest for the best narrow section HP continues.  I am now trying a Nutrak Nomad 'Tracer' after following high praise from the dealer who sold it it me.  It is possible that he was biased of course?  Further report in due course.

Now for a commercial: The TOURIST TRIAL will be held on Sunday l2th September, starting from Cranleigh Pool at l0.30am.  The event forms part of the Benstead Cup competition and has been redesigned (he says) by Simon Doughty with advice from that 'Man of Maps' Keith Parfitt, to be a thoroughly enjoyable and social day out on a bicycle, for everybody.  An ingenious handicapping system will enable riders of all abilities - hardriders, occasional potterers, family groups - to test their map-reading, general knowledge and general cycling abilities with an equal opportunity of winning the Bernard Howell Memorial Trophy (a handsome silver cup) and having a lot of fun.  After that, you will probably not be surprised to learn that Simon is about to commence a career in advertising!

The allure of France, and all that it contains, is proving irresistable to some DA members who are young in heart, if not in body.  They are off to BOULOGNE for the weekend of 18/l9th September to ride one of the Randonnees (50, 100 or 150km) organised by Audax Club Boulonnais.  A special ferry fare of £8.50 return has been arranged, plus reduced hotel prices.  There is an optional Dinner Dance on the Sunday evening.  Further details available from Simon Doughty (Glfd 504706) or Alan and David Wey (Walton 22437).  If you are interested contact them as soon as possible.

Entries in the PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION will cost you nothing!  The success of the competition and the evening depends upon you entering your slides.  It is a very friendly affair with pictures varying in quality, so don't be put off.  The categories are:- 1. Land and Seascape; 2. Club Life; 3. Record and General; 4. Novices - any subject - open to anyone not previously having won a photographic award, entries are, therefore, not expected from the experienced photographer with expensive equipment.  Entries are limited to 4 slides per category per person and must be placed in Russ Mantle's hands by 24th October.

Now the Bad News - our LINDA is leaving us!!  She is away to further her learning in some far away place called Stoke - I hope that the natives are friendly, but not too friendly of course.  Before leaving, Linda has led a joint run to Singleton.  The sun shone, as it should have done, and the day was a great success apart from one small fiasco on the return journey.  Les Moss, Dave Butler and Clive Richardson were dropped - they say that they were busy or talking, which is almost believable - and lost their way.  To add to the confusion, Clive led the way in his home area around Haslemere and had to admit that he had no idea where he was - it is rumoured that he is now claiming his money back for attending Keith's Map-Reading Courses.

BENSTEAD CUP COMPETITION - after the '50', Speedjudging, Roughstuff, Stonehenge, '100' and Tour of the Hills, the leading positions are: 1. G. Richardson 271; 2: H. Coleman 254; 3. D. Butler & C. Paxman 243; 5. L. Moss 231; 6. B. Slorach 224; 7. B. Chandler 201; 8. M. Lynch 196; 9. R. Mantle 193; 10. B. Eaton 186.  Still to come are Tourist Trial, 12th September, Hillclimb and Freewheeling, 3rd October.  The ATTENDANCE COMPETITION also counts towards the Benstead Cup, leading positions are: 1. G. Richardson 130; 2. B. Inder 115; 3. Linda Pack ll3; 4. D. Butler 107; 5. S. Pack 104; 6. K. Parfitt 102; 7. C. Paxman & R. Mantle 101; 9. C. Richardson 99; 10. G. Posts 91.  You have until 26th September to add to your points.

The TOUR OF THE HILLS proved to be what it was designed to be - challenging but scenic.  Of 43 starters 38 finished, 9 inside 5hrs (including S. Doughty, C.Paxman, S. Pack, C. Jeggo and H. Coleman) and 27 inside 7hrs (including D. Butler, B. Eaton, P. Pearson, L. Moss and his three friends from Holland, Judy Chegwyn, A. Lindsey (son of Doreen and Barry), D. Desmet of the Charloteville and Bert Bartholomew (Bert is 71 in September!!!).  Many thanks to our helpers - Linda, Helen, Gillian, Bill and Kathy, Trevor and Pat, and last but definitely not least, 'The Butlers'.

Help! Does anyone have, or know or know where I might obtain, a STURMEY ARCHER 4-SPEED TRIGGER?  My newly adapted Moulton is complete and running well but for the rather aged and worn trigger which won't stay in bottom gear.  If you can help, I can be contacted on Guildford 68202.

Our old friends THE HANKARDS, formerly of Ewhurst Green, are now settled in in their new home in Suffolk.  Clare Hankard is once again offering bed and breakfast to weary cyclists, and on our recent visit there they asked to be remembered to you all,who sampled their excellent teas in the past, and wish any West Surrey member who may be in the area would pay them a visit.  Their new address is: Fairview, Upper Street, Stansfield, Nr Clare, Suffolk, tel:(028489)228 and they appear in the 1982/83 CTC Handbook.

Dates for your diary: the AGM 7TH NOVEMBER - following an Addlestone tea, your chance to elect officers for the coming year and to put forward your point of view.  Nomination forms for officers and committee members will be available on request.  Please attend.  ANNUAL DINNER, DANCE AND PRIZE-GIVING 27TH NOV - a real live band!  Receive your prizes and certificates!  Eat, drink and dance the night away!  Full details with cost of tickets will be available shortly.


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