West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 38 - March/April 1984

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Well here it is again No38 and I have'nt been sacked yet;  how much longer can this mans' courage last one asks?  Germany at Xmas was extremely wet but we managed to get a few very scenic miles in with only one crash!  Those who came on the French Pub run will have noticed our expertise at falling off tandems in synchronism, we almost succeeded in diverting young Steve into a closer inspection of the Basingstoke canal.  The location of the French pub is a sworn secret amongst the Intermediate group who will no doubt be sampling the outstanding cuisine again during the summer months. Gerry Crawshaw's runs for this group also seem to be developing into gourmet rides, the Leather Bottle at Mattingley providing excellent anti-bonk fare.

Our best wishes I'm sure go to those members who are not enjoying good form at the moment;  Less Moss, who's knee injury will sadly keep him off the bike for some months, Kath Parfitt fresh out of hospital after a serious operation and Gordon Appleby who is still having health problems.

Now for the good news.  I intend to try a few new features in the newsletter both of which will need your help;  the first two ideas are a technical tips feature and a B&B feature.  More suggestions gratefully received as will be technical tips suitable for beginners or old hands, we all stand to learn something (even if it's only that we know it all!).

TECHNICAL TIPS  On a derailleur gear machine always select top gear (smallest rear cog ) before removing the back wheel.  It makes life so much simpler when removing and replacing the wheel and you may even keep your hands clean.

BED&BREAKFAST  My regard for French cooking is probably becoming obvious and for this reason I fully recommend The First Hurdle at Chepstow Tel.2189 .  I don't have current prices but for a celebration meal in 1982 it was cheaper to travel to Chepstow, eat, stay the night and have breakfast than just buying the meal in Surrey.  Accommodation is very "olde worlde" yet clean and comfortable.  Expect to eat with French visitors; yes it's in one of their good food guides.  The proprietors are quite used to cyclists and their appetites.

DIARY DATES- Note these dates cover new events or date changes since newsletter 37.
16 June - Barn Dance, venue not yet fixed.
29 Apr. - 50 mile Benstead Cup event, start Jacobs Well. Details, D.Butler from 30 March.
7 May - Reliability ride 50/60 miles moderate. Simon Doughty will have details at a later date.
13 May - Speed judging & roughstuff, new date. (Benstead event)
3 June - Salisbury Loop 200Km Audax, starts Aldershot (Ray Craig). **
5 Aug. - Tour of the Hills, new date.
12 Aug. - Chichester Loop 200Km Audax, starts Weybridge.**
**- Benstead cup competitors will be allowed a choice between these two Weybridge Wheeler events for cup qualifiers.

Benstead cup 50 mile fees are 25p seniors, 15p juniors.

NIGHT RIDE SPECIAL 9/10 JUNE- Organised by our own Dave Butler a 50/60 mile ride at night (close to full moon) start at approx. 2200hrs and proceeding gently to Hayling Island for a hot breakfast on the beach.  There will be an intermediate stopping point again with hot drinks.  Good eh.  For those too weary to ride home on Sunday a train service connects Havant with Guildford or Woking.  More details later.

29 April - For those not riding the 50 mile reliability ride there will be a family run with leader to see the finish. Distance 21 miles.


BOOK REVIEW The book of the year is obviously "60 Years On" a history of the West Surrey D.A. over 60 years almost up to the present day.  Quite often books of this sort make dry reading but this one does'nt.  As a newcomer to the D.A. I found it a fascinating read and those of you with more time in than I should find it even more of a good read.  Price 2.50 pounds and available from Bill Inder.

SALES & WANTS One of our senior members Mr R.G.Best is clearing some of his stock collected since 1927!  Numerous bits and pieces are for sale, bars, stems, chains, cogs you name it. Also for sale is a complete set of Gazettes and other magazines dating from @1929. Finally one quality 24" road frame complete with equipment but in need of extensive renovation, offers? Contact Mr.Best in the mornings at 19 Grove Court, The Grove, Woking.

WANTED  For desperately keen beginner one 23 or 23.5" quality touring frame or complete cycle.  Age immaterial but must be 531 tubing.  Cash available for the right machine.  Contact me (Robert Shiels ) on Camberley 61770.

SALE  Special offer on DA jerseys, long or short sleeve 12.50 pounds.  S.Doughty needs a minimum order of 13 to get them at this price contact him soonest with your order.

STOP PRESS- Farnham pool can be hired by the DA for a Saturday evening swim.  The more who come the cheaper it will be.  Contact D.Butler or G.Crawshaw if interested.
If any reader wishes to advertise sale items in the newsletter please hand me a written description on our rides or at club nights.

Happy cycling and tail winds to you all

PS.Ken Bolinbroke has been giving Russ lessons on how to reach a committee meeting on the right night, right time but wrong place!

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